Oxford Readers Collections A1 - A2

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Oxford Readers Collections A1 - A2

25 graded readers on Oxford Learner's Bookshelf with a motivational reading diary.

Format: Online resource

Read your way to better English with 25 graded readers at CEFR Levels A1/A2. Enjoy a variety of great stories for 12 months from date of activation and track your reading achievements in the reading diary.

  • ISBN: 978-0-19-402258-3
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  • Licence Length: 12 months

The Oxford Readers Collections are a great way to enjoy reading - whether inside or outside the classroom. With 25 books to choose from, everyone can find a book for them.

Track your reading progress with the reading diary and become more independent with your learning.

Основные характеристики

  • With the Oxford Readers Collections you can:
  • Choose and enjoy a wide range of fiction and non-fiction readers from a range of genres, carefully curated at CEFR level A1/A2
  • Track your reading progress in the reading diary: see the number of books read, the number of words read and time spent reading
  • Download a certificate as a record of your reading achievements
  • Collect awards and share your reading diary progress with your teacher, parents or friends.
  • Enjoy the digital benefits of the Oxford Learner's Bookshelf and improve all your English skills while reading - listen to the audio as you read, change the pace of the audio to suit your reading speed, record your pronunciation and compare it to the audio

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The Oxford Readers Collections are a great way to become more independent with your learning because you have the opportunity to choose what you want to read.

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A teacher's view:
"We have noticed improvements in [students] general English, their motivation and learner autonomy, because they're allowed to choose their own books in class, which is something they're not allowed to do in other subjects."

(Vanessa Hartson Walker, Teacher from Italy)
With the Oxford Readers Collections on the Oxford Learner's Bookshelf, you can listen to the audio recording while reading, and change the pace to suit your reading speed. This provides added listening practice, and is something SEN learners find particularly useful.
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DominoesFrom the Heart1
DominoesJake's Parrot1
DominoesJourney to the West1
DominoesMystery in Muscat1
DominoesSherlock Holmes: The Blue Diamond1
DominoesSherlock Holmes: The Emerald Crown1
DominoesSherlock Holmes: The Top-secret Plans1
DominoesStudio Five1
DominoesThe Real McCoy & Other Ghost Stories1
DominoesThe Swiss Family Robinson1
DominoesThe Teacher's Secret and Other Folk Tales1
BookwormsAdventures of Tom Sawyer 1
BookwormsBridge and Other Love Stories1
BookwormsElephant Man 1
BookwormsLittle Lord Fauntleroy1
BookwormsOmega Files1
BookwormsPhantom of the Opera1
BookwormsPiano Man1
BookwormsSherlock Holmes and the Duke's Son1
BookwormsSherlock Holmes and the Sport of Kings1
BookwormsShirley Homes and the Cyber Thief1
BookwormsWithered Arm1
FactfilesSan Francisco1
FactfilesWilliam and Kate 1

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