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Dolphin Readers Audio CDs

Rebecca Brooke, Fiona Kenshole, Christine Lindop, Jacqueline Martin, Richard Northcott, Mary Rose, Norma Shapiro, Di Taylor, and Craig Wright
Series Editor: Craig Wright

Dolphins are interactive graded readers specially designed to make developing language skills fun for younger learners.

Full-colour illustrations and cross-curricular content stimulate students' interest and maintain their attention, while carefully graded English introduces them to new language points in an entertaining context.

Integrated activities for every page of story text encourage students to practise newly acquired language skills.

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Key features

  • Activities for every page of reading
  • Full-colour illustrations and photographs
  • Picture dictionary in every book
  • Notes for teachers and parents in each book
  • Audio for every book (American English)


With a variety of stories and topics, as well as a range of interactive tasks in each book, Dolphin readers make it easy for you to introduce young students to reading in English in an entertaining and supported way.

Each full-colour book covers one of four themes: Grammar, Living Together, The World Around Us, and Science and Nature.

The themes are carefully chosen to respond to cross-curricular requirements, and the language reinforces what is taught in primary coursebooks. This means that students are exposed to new language points in a natural and interesting context.

Every page of reading has an accompanying page of interactive activities which help students to become comfortable with the new language they have encountered. They also encourage students to develop critical-thinking skills.

Oxford Big Read Junior

Reading is a valuable learning tool and can greatly help your young learners practise, reinforce and improve their language skills but it can be difficult to use reading in the classroom.

How can I get my students to read?, How can I make reading a classroom activity?, and how can I be sure they understand what they’ve read? are common questions teachers ask and we’re here to help with the Oxford Big Read Junior.

These short, simple, and practical tips will help you get all of your young learners reading and using what they have read in group work and short projects. We also have easy ways for parents to help support their children’s reading. Students get excited about reading, your whole class gets involved and you know they’ve understood what they’ve read.

Join the Oxford Teachers’ Club for free and the Oxford Big Read Junior will help you get your whole class reading.

For Dolphin Readers Audio CDs (18)

Dolphin Readers


This interactive series makes developing language skills exciting for primary. S...

Dolphin Readers


This interactive series makes developing language skills exciting for primary. S...

Dolphin Readers


Graded 'read and do' fiction and non-fiction readers that teach children about t...

ISBN Title
978-0-19-440213-2 Dolphin Readers: Students in Space & What Did You Do Yesterday? Audio CD
978-0-19-440219-4 Dolphin Readers: Where People Live/City Girl, Country Boy Audio CD
978-0-19-440218-7 Dolphin Readers: We Won the Cup/Up and Down Audio CD
978-0-19-440217-0 Dolphin Readers: The Tough Task/Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow Audio CD
978-0-19-440216-3 Dolphin Readers: Things That Fly & Let>'s Go to the Rainforest Audio CD
978-0-19-440214-9 Dolphin Readers: New Girl in School & Uncle Jerry's Great Idea Audio CD
978-0-19-440220-0 Dolphin Readers: In the Ocean/Go, Gorillas, Go Audio CD
978-0-19-440212-5 Dolphin Readers: Numbers, Numbers Everywhere & Circles and Squares Audio CD
978-0-19-440211-8 Dolphin Readers: A Visit to the City & Matt>'s Mistake Audio CD
978-0-19-440209-5 Dolphin Readers: Double Trouble & Super Sam Audio CD
978-0-19-440203-3 Dolphin Readers: Doctor, Doctor & Moving House Audio CD
978-0-19-440202-6 Dolphin Readers: My Family & A Day with Baby Audio CD
978-0-19-440201-9 Dolphin Readers: Silly Squirrel & Monkeying Around Audio CD
978-0-19-440210-1 Dolphin Readers: A Visit to the City Activity Book
978-0-19-440208-8 Dolphin Readers: Number Magic & How>'s the Weather? Audio CD
978-0-19-440207-1 Dolphin Readers: On Safari & Lost Kitten Audio CD
978-0-19-440206-4 Dolphin Readers: Little Helpers & Jack the Hero Audio CD
978-0-19-440204-0 Dolphin Readers: A Game of Shapes & Baby Animals Audio CD