Dominoes Starter

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Dominoes Starter

Second Edition

Dominoes is a full-colour, interactive readers series that offers students a fun reading experience while building their language skills. With integrated activities and on-page glossaries the new edition of the series makes reading motivating for learners. Each reader is carefully graded to ensure each student reads from the right level from the very beginning.

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Key features

  • Carefully graded, beautifully illustrated stories
  • Integrated activities to develop reading skills and increase active vocabulary
  • Seven pages of grammar activities in every book
  • Two personalized projects in every book


The structured approach to reading in English

Dominoes is an enjoyable series of illustrated classic and modern stories in four carefully graded language stages - from Starter to Three - which takes learners from beginner to intermediate level.

Each Domino reader includes:
  • A good story to read and enjoy.
  • Integrated activities to develop reading skills and increase active vocabulary.
  • Personalised projects to make the language and story themes more meaningful.
  • Seven pages of grammar activities for consolidation
Dominoes can be purchased as standalone readers or as part of an audio pack which includes the graded reader alongside downloadable MP3 audio.

Oxford Big Read

Reading is a valuable learning tool and can greatly help students practise, reinforce and improve their language skills but it can be difficult to use reading in the classroom.

How can I get my students to read?, How can I make reading a classroom activity?, and how can I be sure they understand what they’ve read? are common questions teachers ask and we’re here to help with the Oxford Big Read.

These short, simple, and practical tips will help you get all of your students reading and using what they have read in group work and short projects. Students get excited about reading, your whole class gets involved and you know they’ve understood what they’ve read.

Join the Oxford Teachers’ Club for free and the Big Read will help you get your whole class reading.

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Dominoes, New Edition


Zoe Baker works in a bookstore. She also likes acting, and she has a part in the...



'Today you can go round the world in eighty days,' says Phileas Fogg.'Do it, and...

Dominoes, New Edition


The year is 1717. It is a bad time to be the captain of a ship in the Caribbean ...

ISBN Title
978-0-19-461298-2 Dominoes Starter: Sherlock Holmes: The Speckled Band e-book
978-0-19-424550-0 Dominoes Starter The Bottle Imp
978-0-19-424552-4 Dominoes Starter The Bottle Imp
978-0-19-421514-5 Dominoes Starter Journey to the Centre of the Earth Audio
978-0-19-460936-4 Dominoes Starter Sinbad Audio
978-0-19-460937-1 Dominoes Starter William Tell and Other Stories Audio
978-0-19-460941-8 Dominoes Starter The Tempest Audio
978-0-19-460928-9 Dominoes Starter Hercules Audio
978-0-19-460935-7 Dominoes Starter The Happy Prince Audio
978-0-19-421513-8 Dominoes Starter Changing Places Audio
978-0-19-421512-1 Dominoes Starter Around the World in Eighty Days Audio
978-0-19-421516-9 Dominoes Starter Kidnap! Audio
978-0-19-421521-3 Dominoes Starter Rip van Winkle & The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Audio
978-0-19-421523-7 Dominoes Starter Mulan Audio
978-0-19-421517-6 Dominoes Starter Moby-Dick Audio
978-0-19-424978-2 Dominoes Starter Moby-Dick
978-0-19-424963-8 Dominoes Starter Journey to the West Pack
978-0-19-424704-7 Dominoes, New Edition: A Pretty Face
978-0-19-424709-2 Sinbad: Sinbad
978-0-19-424703-0 William Tell and Other Stories: William Tell and Other Stories
978-0-19-424706-1 Dominoes, New Edition: Mulan
978-0-19-424705-4 The Great Fire of London: The Great Fire of London
978-0-19-424707-8 THE TEMPEST: The Tempest
978-0-19-424714-6 Dominoes, New Edition: Blackbeard
978-0-19-424710-8 THE BIG STORY: The Big Story
978-0-19-424708-5 Dominoes, New Edition: Changing Places
978-0-19-424712-2 The Happy Prince: The Happy Prince
978-0-19-424715-3 Dominoes: Hercules
978-0-19-424711-5 Dominoes, New Edition: Kidnap!
978-0-19-424718-4 Dominoes: Journey to the Centre of the Earth
978-0-19-424713-9 TRISTAN AND ISOLDE: Tristan and Isolde
978-0-19-424702-3 Rip Van Winkle & the Legend of Sleepy Hollow: Rip Van Winkle & the Legend of Sleepy Hollow
978-0-19-424701-6 Dominoes: Around the World in Eighty Days