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Practical English Grammar

A classic grammar reference with clear explanations of grammatical structures and forms.

Third Edition

A grammar reference that is known for its clear explanations and for dealing with the topics students find most difficult. Two separate books of exercises provide practice.

Thomson and Martinet's grammar reference book has become a classic, and one of the most widely-used books of its time. It is a useful source of reference for intermediate to advanced, and for teachers.

  • Book
  • Exercises Book

Key features

  • A comprehensive survey of grammatical structures and forms with clear explanations and examples
  • Organized to make it easy to compare related topics, for example grouping verbs of liking and preference
  • Easy to find the grammar point you want to learn, with an Index and a Contents list summarizing every section heading
  • 100 exercises, cross-referenced to the explanations in A Practical English Grammar
  • Exercises are graded as difficult, moderately difficult, and easy and focus on the areas of grammar that are most difficult for students
  • Recommended for revision and for self-study

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A Practical English Grammar


The Exercises can be used with or without the Grammar. They include an answer ke...

ISBN Title
978-0-19-431342-1 A Practical English Grammar