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Elements of Success

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A refreshing new grammar course that presents grammar clearly, simply, and completely. It’s a series that helps your students learn grammar and remember it. With Online Practice.

  • Language Level: Elementary to Advanced (A2-C1)

Elements of Success is a new grammar course which helps students learn the real-world grammar they need to read, communicate, and write effectively. Grammar is clearly presented with highly visual charts and explanations, and extensive four-skills practice helps students apply and remember what they learn.

Elements Online Practice takes learning beyond the classroom, with all new practice activities and automatic feedback which not only gives the right answers but explains why the answers are correct. It is easy to manage, simple to use, and has been design specifically for English language learners.

Comprehensive resources for teachers include online practice access and iTools Classroom Presentation Tool.

Key features

  • Students learn the real-world grammar they need to read, communicate, and write effectively.
  • Level-appropriate charts and explanations present grammar clearly and simply. Extensive practice helps students apply what they have learned.
  • It’s not just about how much practice—the quality of practice matters too. Elements of Success incorporates relevant, personalized content to engage and motivate students.
  • Exercises and explanations use corpus-based authentic language to ensure that students learn grammar as it is actually used.
  • Expansion activities incorporate critical thinking and four-skills practice.
  • Elements Online Practice takes learning beyond the classroom, with automatic scoring which shows the right answer and explains why the answer is correct.
  • Elements Online Practice supports grammar teaching needs with assignable and print-ready tests, Grammar PowerPoints, answer keys, teaching notes, class audio, and audio scripts.
  • Elements iTools includes the student book pages for classroom presentation, audio at point of use, answer keys, general teaching notes, and additional grammar presentations.


Grammar is an essential element of language learning. Yet it can be hard to teach and difficult to learn. Oxford surveyed over one thousand teachers to learn about the challenges facing grammar students. Elements of Success solves those challenges:

Challenge: A lack of grammar retention

Solution: The Best Practice for Better Retention Extensive practice leads to long-term retention and use of grammar. Practice combines quality and quantity: Topic-related activities, four-skills practice, and critical thinking exercises empower students to use language creatively, moving beyond a rote understanding of grammar.

Challenge: Grammar is hard for students

Solution: Clear and Friendly Charts Level-appropriate charts utilize authentic language and explain grammar in a clear and highly visual way, so that students can readily understand and review the grammar points.

Challenge: Inadequate classroom materials

Solution: Effective Learning Resources An easy-to-use online practice platform provides additional student practice, while a learning management system and quality assessment materials help instructors track student progress. A classroom presentation tool increases student engagement.

Challenge: Lack of student motivation

Solution: Engaging, Relevant Content Interesting, contextualized, and highly communicative activities keep students engaged. Exercises are personalized to ensure that students have content they are interested in and can talk about.

Elements of Success: Clear Instruction. Complete Practice. Grammar with a Purpose.

Elements of Success includes:

Elements of Success includes: