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Elements of Success Level 2 Students e-Book

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Elements of Success Level 2 Students e-Book

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  • ISBN: 978-0-19-402884-4
  • Price: USD 34.10 + Sales Tax

Elements of Success is a new grammar course which helps students learn the real-world grammar they need to read, communicate, and write effectively. Grammar is clearly presented with highly visual charts and explanations, and extensive four-skills practice helps students apply and remember what they learn.

Online Practice Plus takes learning beyond the classroom, with all new practice activities and automatic feedback which not only gives the right answers but explains why the answers are correct.

With comprehensive resources for teachers including iTools Online.

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Key features

  • Highly visual charts are easy to navigate, present grammar clearly and alert students to common mistakes
  • Extensive practice activities, adaptable to the needs of your students, ensure students retain their learning, reducing time spent re-teaching the same grammar points
  • Topic-based activities practise the grammar in context, helping students to learn how to apply their grammar learning, and leading to long-term retention
  • Open-ended activities – Talk about it, Write about it, and Think about it – incorporate critical thinking and all four skills
  • Exercises and explanations use corpus-based, authentic language based on the 2-billion word Oxford English Corpus to ensure that students learn and practice grammar as it is actually used
  • Elements Online Practice Plus takes learning beyond the classroom, with automatic scoring which shows the right answer and explains why the answer is correct
  • Elements Online Practice Plus for teachers includes tests in a variety of formats, Grammar PowerPoints to support grammar instruction, downloadable student book answer keys, teaching notes, class audio, and audio scripts, and other teacher resources to reduce prep time and support your grammar teaching needs
  • Elements iTools Online includes the student book pages for classroom presentation with audio at point of use, answer key, general teaching notes, additional grammar presentations, pop-up photos, and links taking you directly to Elements Online Practice Plus


This interactive e-Book includes all of the content in the print book plus audio and tools to help you study more effectively. The e-Book can be used on both a tablet and with a web browser for easy access anywhere.

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A refreshing new grammar course that presents grammar clearly, simply, and completely. It’s a series that helps your students learn grammar and remember it. With Online Practice.

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