Grammar Sense 2E 2 Student Book with Online Practice Access Code

Grammar Sense 2E 2 Student Book with Online Practice Access Code

Second Edition

Format: Paperback

Through its engaging texts, comprehensive grammar instruction, and practice materials, Grammar Sense Second Edition provides true understanding of grammer in authentic contexts.

  • ISBN: 978-0-19-448913-3
  • Price: $ 66.00
  • Binding: Paperback

What’s new for the Second Edition?

A new focus on Critical Thinking to help students apply their grammatical knowledge, an extra section on Writing in every chapter, additional practice in the new Online Workbook and new Part Tests at the end of every section to check and review progress.

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Key features

  • Grammar Instruction Engaging reading texts, comprehensive grammar instruction and extensive grammar practice give learners a true understanding of how grammar is used in an authentic contexts.
  • Writing New Writing section guides the application of grammatical knowledge to compositions.
  • Critical Thinking Think Critically activities build learner awareness of grammar
  • Technology Online Practice provides new content and practice activities
  • Assessment Part Tests at the end of every section provide ongoing assessment.


Grammar Sense is a four-level discourse-based grammar series which focuses on the connection between form, meaning, and use of English structures. The series is based on the fundamental premise that English grammar is learnable and teachable if it is systematically organized and explained. Grammar Sense implements linguistic and applied linguistic research on how, where, when, and why native speakers use English structures, and how non-native speakers learn them. This series provides learners with a true understanding of how grammar is used in authentic contexts. Grammar is presented in discourse rather than in isolated sentences which allows the students to understand English grammar in real life situations.

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Part of... Grammar Sense

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