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Grammar, Third Edition

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A gentle introduction to grammar for children, which presents grammar in familiar everyday situations.

Third Edition

A new, updated, multi-level introduction to English grammar which makes grammar clear, interesting and easy to understand for young learners.

A communicative, activity-based course, Grammar, Third Edition is now richer in resources with a new Starter level, student’s audio CD, and more online support for both teachers and students. Extra vocabulary and exam-based activities help prepare for Cambridge ESOL Young Learners English Tests.

  • Grammar Starter Pack
  • Grammar One Pack
  • Grammar Two Pack
  • Grammar Three Pack

Key features

  • Simple ‘grammar lessons’ are easy for students to understand
  • Dramatized dialogues on the Student’s audio CD put grammar into context
  • Exam-type tasks help prepare for Cambridge Young Learners English Tests
  • 'Words to learn' boxes in each unit with pronunciation on CD help reinforce vocabulary
  • Extra online materials for students and teachers give extra practice and lesson support


Grammar, Third Edition is a tried and tested gentle introduction to English grammar for younger learners.

The material revolves around the daily life of an English family, their friends, and an alien creature called Trig. Trig is learning English and students can see how his struggles, frustrations and triumphs are just like their own experiences.

Short ‘grammar lessons’ set out key information. They are then followed by lots of written and spoken practice. Each lesson opens with a short text or dialogue which uses the target structure. Students can now listen to the dramatized dialogues on the new audio CD which accompanies each student’s book.

‘Words to learn’ boxes highlight important and useful vocabulary. Students can listen to the pronunciation on the audio CD. Wordlists at the back of the book reinforce the vocabulary.

The grammar syllabus covers the grammar required for the Cambridge ESOL Young Learners English Tests. The relevant practice activities in the Revision units are clearly marked.

Clear signposting and short units, which can be used in any order, make the Grammar series easy to use alongside any upper primary/lower secondary beginner's course. You can work through the books systematically or choose the grammar topics you need to cover.

Online Resources

New online resources for teachers include Teacher’s notes for every unit with extra classroom activities, extra worksheets and tests.

Practise your English with Trig. The interactive student’s site has been updated with more listening practice, interactive grammar exercises and games.

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ISBN Title
978-0-19-443047-0 Grammar Three Student's Book with Audio CD