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Oxford Grammar for Schools

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A 5-level series with clear explanations and communicative activities to help young learners and teenagers understand and practise grammar.

  • Уровень: A1-B2

Oxford Grammar for Schools gives students the opportunity to explore grammar for themselves and encourages them to be aware of their progress through regular self-evaluation and review.

As students activate their grammar through listening, speaking, reading, and writing activities, they activate their English.

  • Student's Book
  • Student's Book with DVD-ROM
  • Teacher's Book and Audio CD Pack

Основные характеристики

  • Covers all the grammar students need to know for the Cambridge exams
  • Approximately 30 units per level - the right length for one academic year
  • Clearly stated 'I can' learning outcomes for every unit
  • Contextualised explanations
  • Opportunities to practise grammar and to practise listening, speaking, reading and writing skills
  • Graded exercises for mixed ability classes
  • Self-evaluation check for each unit
  • Regular revision, testing, and exam-style questions
  • DVD-ROM for interactive whiteboard or for home study

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Oxford Grammar for Schools covers all the grammar students need to know for the Cambridge exams:

Level 1 - Cambridge English: Starters
Level 2 - Cambridge English: Movers
Level 3 - Cambridge English: Flyers
Level 4 - Cambridge English: Preliminary for Schools
Level 5 - Cambridge English: Preliminary for Schools

Each unit presents grammar points in context with activities to check understanding and provides opportunities for students to use the grammar in activities that involve listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Activities at the end of the unit and in the revision units practise more than one grammar topic.

Some exercises are starred to indicate different levels of difficulty - those with three stars are more challenging than those with one star, which allows your students to work on the exercise that is most appropriate for them.

Regular revision units are included throughout the book, and at the end, with exam-style questions that are appropriate for the level.

The Student's DVD-ROM, available with the Student's Book at each level, is for use in class on an interactive whiteboard or for home study. It includes the full book on screen with integrated audio and songs, and extra interactive exercises.

The Teacher's Book with Audio CD at every level includes the answer key, photocopiable tests and audio transcripts.

Oxford Grammar for Schools includes:

Oxford Grammar for Schools includes: