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Oxford Learner's Grammar

A self-study grammar reference and practice series including books, CD-ROM and website resources.

Oxford Learner's Grammar allows students to choose how far they want to extend their grammar skills, and how much they need to practice.

Oxford Learner's Grammar comprises the following resources:

  • Grammar Finder includes explanations and examples of English grammatical structures with particular focus on areas likely to cause difficulty.
  • Grammar Checker CD-ROM has test questions, an interactive index to the Grammar Finder, and grammar pronunciation practice.
  • Grammar Builder practises the grammar points explained in Grammar Finder, and includes practice exercises for the Cambridge ESOL exams.
    • Grammar Builder
    • Grammar Finder (with Grammar Checker CD-ROM)

    Key features

    • Covers the use of grammatical forms in communicative functions, such as modal verbs for requests and offers
    • Uses mostly authentic texts and dialogues from conversations, books and newspaper articles to put grammar in context, showing, for example how sentences are linked in text, how emphasis depends on context
    • Corpus-based explanations and word pattern information
    • Wide variety of exercise types, including exam-style practice exercises for the Cambridge ESOL exams
    • 200 test questions on the Grammar Checker CD-ROM identify problems and check progress
    • Hear and practise examples illustrating grammar points where pronunciation is important on the Grammar Checker CD-ROM


    The three main components of the Oxford Learner's Grammar series are closely interlinked. You need both the Grammar Finder and Grammar Builder to benefit from using the series. The Grammar Checker CD-ROM is supplied with the Grammar Finder.

    Your route into Oxford Learner's Grammar is through the contents overview at the beginning of Grammar Finder, or through the index. Grammar Checker has an interactive version of the Grammar Finder index that makes it easy to for the grammar point you want to learn and practise. The index directs you to the relevant section in Grammar Finder where you will find explanations and examples, and a cross-reference to the practice exercises in Grammar Builder.

    The Grammar Builder includes answers for all the exercises. Each answer has a reference to Grammar Finder if you need to review the grammar explanation.

    The Test Yourself feature on the Grammar Checker CD-ROM has a key which either confirms the answer is correct or directs you to a grammar hint which explains briefly why an answer is wrong. There is a reference to the relevant section in Grammar Finder for further study.

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