Oxford Practice Grammar Basic

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Oxford Practice Grammar Basic

The right balance of English grammar explanation and practice for your language level

The first level in the Oxford Practice Grammar series.  Grammar topics explained simply and clearly with lots of opportunity to practise.

Oxford Practice Grammar knows that students need different types of explanation and practice at each stage of their study. Basic provides lots of practice and short explanations. Great for the classroom or for self-study and covers all the grammar you need to prepare for KET and PET exams.

  • Basic without Answers
  • Basic Practice-Boost CD-ROM Pack with Answers
  • Basic Lesson Plans and Worksheets

Key features

  • Covers the grammar students need to know for international exams such as KET and PET
  • Regular revision units and tests help learners focus on the grammar they need to practise most
  • Practice-Boost CD-ROM with 1,000 activities to test and practise your grammar
  • FREE PET exam practice test at www.oxfordenglishtesting.com
  • Exit test makes sure you are ready for Oxford Practice Grammar Intermediate


Oxford Practice Grammar Basic is divided into units, each of which covers an important grammar topic. Each new topic is presented on a left-hand page and the practice section follows on the same page or the facing page. This makes it easy to use because you can look across to the explanation while you are doing the exercises.

It's a really flexible course too - you can either start at the beginning and work through to the end or choose the order in which you want to study the grammar topics - perhaps starting with those that are giving you problems.

To find out which areas you might need to study most you can take an online diagnostic test at www.oup.com/elt/practicegrammar

Tests at the end of each unit or section mean you can see how much you have learned and decide if you need more practice. If you do there are further interactive activities on the Practice-Boost CD-ROM to support every unit.  

When you've finished the book you can try the exit test so you know you are ready for Oxford Practice Grammar Intermediate


Each Practice-Boost CD-ROM has a unique code that gives learners access to the following FREE tests at www.oxfordenglishtesting.com - Oxford's new interactive online practice tests website.

Basic - FREE PET Exam Practice Test
Intermediate - FREE FCE Exam Practice Test
Advanced - FREE IELTS Exam Practice Test

Verb Spinner

A great way to help your learners revise irregular verbs and their pronunciation.

Grammar to Go

Try out material from Oxford Practice Grammar free with Grammar to Go - Oxford's free grammar teaching resources email service.