Practical English Usage Online (1 year's access)

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Practical English Usage Online (1 year's access)

Format: Online Resource

Fully revised and updated, and now available online.

  • ISBN: 978-0-19-420251-0
  • Price: USD 13.80 + Sales Tax
  • Licence Length: 12 months

Practical English Usage (PEU) answers the questions that teachers and learners ask about English grammar and vocabulary with clear, corpus-informed explanations and examples. Practical English Usage (in print format) has sold over 2 million copies worldwide. The revised and updated fourth edition is now available online.

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Key features

  • Use the URL to visit the PEU home page
  • Purchase an online access code to gain full access to PEU for one year
  • Redeem your code to access 600+ entries covering relevant and updated grammar and vocabulary issues
  • Easily search for any explanation in PEU using the search box on every page
  • Browse the full PEU contents using the Contents Overview
  • Move easily through PEU entries using the "Previous" and "Next" buttons, or by following the many cross-references within entries
  • Find out what you know and what you don't know with 87 interactive Diagnostic Tests, including links to the relevant sections of PEU.
  • Use PEU on any device - on your PC, tablet, or mobile phone


PEU's 600+ entries provide answers to the questions that learners typically ask, for example:
  • use of tenses
  • the truth about conditionals
  • article problems
  • singular they
  • get as a passive auxiliary
  • bring or take?
  • can, could, may or might?
  • classic or classical?
  • the language of emails
  • rules for word formation and spelling

  • the grammar of speech and formal writing
  • British-American differences
  • questions of style and idiom
  • changes in English
  • politeness
  • avoiding offensive language
  • a survey of high-priority vocabulary areas
  • a guide to over 250 common vocabulary problems
  • lists of learners' most common mistakes


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Access will last for 1 year from activation.

The licence includes access to storage space of 250MB.

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