Principle and Practice in Applied Linguistics

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Principle and Practice in Applied Linguistics

Studies in Honour of H. G. Widdowson

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Principle and Practice in Applied Linguistics provides a comprehensive overview of the many and diverse areas in applied linguistics today. The papers range from second language acquisition to discourse analysis, corpus lingustics, and classroom practice; together they emphasize the reciprocal relationship of principle and practice, and the interdisciplinary nature of applied lingustics.

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The series attracts single or co-authored volumes from authors researching at the cutting edge of this dynamic field of interdisciplinary enquiry. The titles range from books that make such developments accessible to the non-specialist reader to those which explore in depth their relevance for the way language is to be conceived as a subject, and how courses and classroom activities are to be designed. As such, these books not only extend the field of applied linguistics itself and lend an additional significance to its enquiries, but also provide an indispensable professional foundation for language pedagogy and its practice.

The scope of the series includes:
  • second language acquisition
  • bilingualism and multi/plurilingualism
  • language pedagogy and teacher education
  • testing and assessment
  • language planning and policy
  • language internationalization
  • technology-mediated communication
  • discourse-, conversation-, and contrastive-analysis
  • pragmatics
  • stylistics
  • lexicography
  • translation



1 An applied linguist in principle and practice
Guy Cook and Barbara Seidlhofer

2 Teacher professionalism and research
Christopher Brumfit

3 The applied linguist and the foreign language teacher: can they talk to each other?
Claire Kramsch

4 Concept and conduct in language pedagogy
N S Prabhu

5 Appraising second language acquisition theory in relation to language pedagogy
Rod Ellis

6 Analysability, accessibility, and ability for use
Peter Skehan

7 Situational context, variation, and second language acquisition theory
Elaine Tarone and Guo-Qiang Liu

8 Three functions of output in second language learning
Merrill Swain

9 Proficiency or the native speaker: what are we trying to achieve in ELT?
Alan Davies

10 Grammar and lexis in communicative competence
Heikki Nyyssöonen

11 Cultural meaning and rhetorical styles: toward a framework for Contrastive Rhetoric
Yamuna Kachru

12 The paralinguistics of reference: representation in reported discourse
George Yule

13 Grammar in discourse: attitude and deniability
Rob Batstone

14 Field-guides in strange tongues: a workshop for Henry Widdowson
John M Swales

15 Explorations in applied linguistics 3: forensic stylistics
Malcolm Coulthard

16 Corpus evidence for norms of lexical collocation
Michael Stubbs

17 Corpora in language pedagogy: matching theory and practice
Guy Aston

18 Transcultural creativity in world Englishes and literary canons
Braj B Kachru

19 An approach to the teaching and learning of poetry in Nigeria
Joseph O Bisong

20 Discourse and creativity: bridging the gap between language and literature
Ronald Carter and Michael McCarthy

21 The impact of the Army Specialized Training Program: a reconsideration
Bernard Spolsky

22 'Reading with a suspicious eye': Critical reading in the foreign language classroom
Catherine Wallace

23 What is this class about? Topic formulation in an L1 reading comprehension classroom
Luiz Paulo da Moita Lopes

24 Discourse analysis and the teaching of listening
Marianne Celce-Murcia

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