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Give your students a highly interactive learning experience with our e-books available via the Oxford Learner's Bookshelf. They offer all the content from the Student books and Work books with extra, interactive features to support your students' learning. You can also get your students prepared for the start of term with Oxford learner's Bookshelf by creating classes and assigning e-books to your students.

  • ISBN: 978-0-19-478475-7

Oxford e-books for courses, Graded Readers, Professional Development, Dictionaries and Grammar are available on the Oxford Learner's Bookshelf via an app for iPad and tablets - for Android - and desktops (for Windows, Linux or Mac). Students can also study online at www.oxfordlearnersbookshelf.com, with work syncing between devices.

Try free samples

To try free e-book samples on a tablet:
Go to the App Store for iPad or Google Play for tablets (for Android). Download the Oxford Learner's Bookshelf app, then register or sign in. You'll see some free samples in the Cloud bookshelf, ready for you to download and try out. Tap Download to start downloading a book.

Find more free samples in the Book shop. Tap Book shop and find Featured books - try free samples. Tap a book, then the Try sample button to start downloading it.

To try free e-book samples on a computer:
Download the Oxford Learner's Bookshelf desktop app (for Windows, Linux or Mac) or go online to www.oxfordlearnersbookshelf.com. Register or sign in. You'll see some free samples ready to use on your computer.

Key features

  • Watch video that plays straight from the page and complete related interactive activities at the same time
  • Students can slow down audio to hear each word clearly and improve comprehension. Then speed up again for authentic listening practice
  • Voice record in the audio player allows users to practise speaking and compare to the original track to improve their pronunciation
  • Students can draw on the page, highlight words, write sticky notes and record audio notes to save anywhere on the page
  • Automatic marking lets students check their progress and learn from their mistakes
  • Students have access to an online dictionary, levelled at their course
  • Students have access to a Reading Diary specially designed for our Graded Readers where they can track how many words they have read, for how long and collect awards. Progress can be downloaded and shared with their teacher
  • Quick and easy for students to find their way around the books
  • Students use either a tablet or computer and their work syncs between devices when saved
  • Teachers can create classes and assign learning material to students with the enrolment functionality. Click here for more information.
  • e-Books and work done are safely stored in the Cloud so students can download their books again if they lose or change their tablet


Oxford Learner's Bookshelf offers enhanced e-books for use on iPad and tablets for Android, and online on a computer and via desktop apps. Students use whichever device they prefer.

We have a wide selection of coursebooks and Graded Readers to suit your students' level, interest and age. Find them here.

The e-books offer interactive features designed specifically for language learners:

Integrated video
Video plays straight from the page and stays on screen while students move around pages, making it easy for them to watch and work.

Audio player for listening and pronunciation practice
The audio player allows students to slow down the audio to hear each word more clearly, and then speed up again. To improve pronunciation students listen to audio, record their own, and then compare to the original.

Automatically marked activities
Automatic marking lets students check their progress and learn from their mistakes.

Tools to personalize your e-book
Students can write or record sticky notes and save them anywhere on the page, and there are tools to draw on the page or highlight text.

Navigation tools
Navigation tools make it quick and easy for students to get around their e-book. They can bookmark pages, jump to a page, and use the thumbnail sorter to find a page.

Different e-books have different features

How to buy

Students can buy e-books and Graded Readers here on the ELT website. They can just search for the title required and add it to their basket or browse them here.

Institutions can also buy access codes for their students by contacting their local ELT consultant.

Get started

Watch these videos for help on getting started, and send your students this link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxE1zzJKa1eGwOezLrDjQMsewqUNESzH5.

How to use access codes

For institutions buying access codes for their students, find the instructions your students need to use their access codes here.

System requirements

Using e-books on iPad or tablets for Android
To find the latest system requirements go to the App Store for iPad or Google Play for tablets for Android.

Using e-books online on a computer
Go to www.oxfordlearnersbookshelf.com and click System Requirements.