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The Wrong Trousers™

A superbly animated comic adventure that appeals to all ages.

Key features

  • An English language teaching adaptation of Nick Park's Oscar®-winning animated film, The Wrong Trousers™. The video has a broad appeal that will be a motivating force in any classroom.
  • The gripping storyline is combined with ingenious humour and brilliant characterization. The two main characters, Wallace and Gromit™, find themselves tangled up in the Penguin's cunning plot to steal a fabulous diamond.
  • The video is organized into six manageable episodes, which present specific grammar points, functional language and vocabulary.
  • The original dialogue has been simplified, and additional narration gives learners further language input.
  • The video is supported by a Student's Book and a Teacher's Book.

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Wallace and Gromit


Join Wallace and his dog Gromit on their adventures. These adaptations of the wo...

ISBN Title
978-0-19-459007-5 Wallace and Gromit: The Wrong Trousers DVD