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Little Friends Student Book

Little Friends Student Book

Format: Paperback

Little Friends is a course for very young children who do not read or write. It develops vocabulary, introduces phonics, and teaches numbers.

  • ISBN: 978-0-19-443222-1
  • Pages: 72
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Dimensions: 276x219 mm

Little Friends helps you to make learning English simple and fun for very young learners.

The engaging characters and enjoyable, age-appropriate activities create a positive learning environment where students can develop vocabulary skills, learn English sounds through phonics, discover the numbers 1–10, and practise pre-reading and pre-writing skills.

Little Friends is the starter level for First Friends but can be used on its own as a one-level course.

Key features

  • Values taught through stories in a family setting
  • Lots of tracing practice to develop pre-writing skills
  • Numeracy syllabus teaches numbers 1–10
  • Specially designed phonics programme to introduce English sounds
  • Clear lesson objectives and one page per lesson
  • Extra photocopiable material in the Teacher’s Book with additional vocabulary, phonics and numbers activities so students can show parents
  • Review spread every two units


We all know the earlier children learn a language the more likely they are to retain it. Little Friends is here to help. This fun, easy-to-teach course helps you to develop children’s language skills from a very early age and prepare them for the difficult tasks of reading, writing, and numeracy.

Little Friends offers you everything you need to give your students a solid foundation in literacy. Each step-by-step activity has clear instructions which help you to teach children pre-reading and pre-writing skills in a fun and supported way.

The Class Book has plenty of opportunities for young learners to do finger tracing activities and practise pencil control which ensures they develop their fine motor skills ready for future writing activities, like the ones in First Friends.

The specially designed phonics programme helps you to teach pre-reading skills. Fun phonics chants and melodies introduce children to the sounds of the English alphabet. The songs not only make the sounds easier to remember, but entertain children, helping them to develop a positive attitude towards learning English.

But that’s not all, fun numbers activities and songs introduce students to the numbers one to ten, and the friendly characters, songs, and stories teach children important values such as cooperation, respect for others, and good nutrition.

So with Little Friends not only do young learners develop language, literacy and numeracy skills but social skills as well.

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