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2nd Edition

A fun two-level course for very young learners that develops vocabulary practises phonics and teaches family values.

First Friends 2nd Edition has all the popular features of the first edition that teachers love: an easy-to-follow structure, successful methodology, cultural suitability and rich resources.

Plus it now has an expanded vocabulary syllabus, values lessons in every unit, practical cross-curricular lessons that link in with other subjects and engaging activities to improve critical thinking skills.

Use with Little Friends for a three-level pre-primary course or to underpin Family and Friends 2nd Edition to make a nine-level course.

  • Class Book and MultiROM Pack
  • Workbook
  • Workbook and Online Practice
  • Teacher’s Book Plus
  • Teacher’s Resource Pack
  • Class Audio CDs
  • Classroom Presentation Tool

Key features

  • Extended core vocabulary syllabus so pupils can achieve more
  • Systematic phonics syllabus presented through catchy songs
  • Enhanced values strand to help children learn social skills
  • Practical cross-curricular lessons that link with other subjects
  • Engaging activities to improve critical thinking skills
  • Clearer design with more photos to make a stronger connection to the real world
  • New Student MultiROM with games to learn and practise at home


First for English, first for fun, first for young children

First Friends has a very clear methodology and easy-to-follow structure which provides a regular unit cycle for new teachers and a solid framework for more experienced teachers.

Every unit opens with the new vocabulary and grammar presented in natural, familiar settings so the language is meaningful for children. Updated pictures for 2nd Edition include the additional vocabulary items and bring the topics to life.

Fun, integrated phonics lessons help children learn the names and recognise the sounds of English letters. The phonics syllabus is particularly well structured for children whose first language does not use the Roman alphabet.

New for 2nd Edition is the values lesson covering civic education and helping develop social skills. Children see examples of good behaviour in real-life situations so they find it easy to relate to and can carry the values into their own lives.

New numbers lessons help children with their numeracy skills and encourage a cross-curricular focus. In Level 1 children learn numbers 1-20. In Level 2 they learn numbers up to 100 and focus on basic Maths skills such as pattern practice and sums.

The stories enable children to use their imagination and provide a natural context for introducing and practising language. Children get used to seeing words on the page, preparing them for reading simple sentences.

Additional cross-curricular craft and project activities give hands-on learning and link English to the rest of the curriculum.

Student MultiROM

The Class Book now comes with MultiROM so children can practise at home with parents.
They can sing along to the unit songs and use the phonics practice songs to review what they have done in class.
Animated stories bring the characters and their adventures to life. Pupils can watch and review.
Fun games and interactive activities also help reinforce what pupils have learnt in class.