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Mouse and Me! Plus Level 3 Teacher’s Book Pack

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Mouse and Me! Plus Level 3 Teacher’s Book Pack

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Share the adventures of Daisy, Robin and their favorite toy, Mouse, as they dress up in different costumes and explore the world through imaginative play! With a numeracy and literacy syllabus, Mouse and Me! Plus takes a whole-child approach, embracing multiple intelligences to give every student the best start to their English learning journey.

  • ISBN: 978-0-19-482208-4

The Mouse and Me! Plus Teacher’s Book provides clear objectives and teaching notes for every unit, extra activities, an Ideas Bank, audio transcripts, answer keys, and 8 assessment worksheets to help you keep track of your students’ progress.

The Classroom Presentation Tool contains the complete Student Book on-screen to help you deliver heads-up learning. You can play the embedded audio and video at the touch of a button and launch activities straight from the page. Answer keys reveal answers one-by-one or all at once to suit your teaching style, and the highlight and zoom tools can be used to focus students' attention, even with large classes. The Classroom Presentation Tool can be used on your tablet or computer, and connected to an interactive whiteboard or projector.

The Teacher’s Book Pack also contains Class Audio CDs, and a code for access to Premium online resources, including everything you need to teach the Phonics programme.

  • Teacher’s Book
  • Class Audio CDs
  • Premium Download Access Card (x2)

Key features

  • Teacher’s Book contains: clear objectives and an overview of language and vocabulary for each unit; an Ideas Bank; extra activities, including indoor and outdoor activities; a ‘Show what you can do’ game; and instructions as to how to get the most out of the resources from Teacher’s Resource Pack
  • 8 assessment worksheets for each level helps you record children’s progress
  • Class Audio CDs contain all the listening material for the Student Book, including catchy songs and chants, and engaging stories
  • Classroom Presentation Tool delivers heads-up learning
  • Access to Premium online resources, including Phonics programme resources


Who do you want to be?

Enter a world of imaginative play! Meet Daisy, Robin and their toy Mouse who feature throughout the course. They love to dress up, and their different costumes in every unit lead to new adventures, capturing children’s imaginations.

Mouse and Me! Plus gets children ready for primary school. Fun numeracy and literacy lessons in every unit help children to read and write their first English words and phrases, and introduces them to simple mathematics.

Mouse and Me! Plus, children learn by doing. Exciting interactive routines and songs with actions make new language more memorable. There are lots of opportunities to act out the stories, and children will love the adorable puppet. Fun craft activities embrace multiple intelligences. Pop-outs make fun 3-D objects to use in games or to review language.

Mouse and Me! Plus educates the whole child. Through the stories, children learn important values, for example being respectful, tolerant, and friendly towards others.

Rich, captivating video content engages children, develops their understanding of the language, and encourages them to make cultural comparisons. Live-action songs enable children to learn from other real-life children, and animations of the stories bring the characters and stories to life. Live-action footage from a real kindergarten enables children to relate to children just like them.

Cross-curricular Smart topics develop children’s multiple intelligences, meeting the different learning strengths of each child.

Mouse and Me! Plus is designed to help you establish a home-school link. Review worksheets enable you to compile evidence of learning, and through Activity Book and My Book activities, parents can see what their child has learnt. Parents can play songs and watch the stories with their child at home, and an end-of-year performance gives children the opportunity to show what they’ve learnt to friends and family.

Mouse and Me! Plus’s easy-to-teach methodology helps you teach with confidence. Clear learning objectives in every lesson mean you instantly see the lesson aims, and the ‘Hello’ routine at the start of each lesson helps you establish routine and consistency in the classroom.

The wealth of teacher materials - including story books, posters, flashcards, a Mouse puppet, Smart topic photographic flashcards, worksheets, a Classroom Presentation Tool, and videos – together with clear teaching notes and ideas, give you all the support you need.

Mouse and Me! Plus also provides a flexible and fun phonics programme. Resources include teachers notes, flashcards, lettercards, and audio, all developed by experts in phonics teaching.

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