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Oxford Beginnings with Cookie Nursery

International English Nursery Level course.

New edition

A friendly, gentle introduction to English, for learners from the age of two.

Oxford Beginnings with Cookie is a gentle, song-based introduction to English for learners aged 2–3. It is a flexible package, tailored to suit the varying needs of students at Nursery level, and designed to be used as a precursor to any one of Oxford University Press’ Kindergarten courses.

The course follows the adventures of Cookie the Cat, who children will love getting to know during their English lessons. Cookie helps these very young learners get used to the idea of a new language, in order to develop a positive attitude towards learning that will last a lifetime.

  • Student's Book
  • Classroom Presentation Tool
  • Teacher's Guide and Online Teacher Resources
  • Classroom Resource Pack


  • Methodology based, not just on language, but on all early learning activities, with a particular focus on “Whole Child” development
  • Specially adapted inquiry-based strand provides a perfect framework to nurture children's natural curiosity
  • Emphasis on Total Physical Response throughout, particularly in the stories and songs, ensures learning experience is memorable, fun, and age-appropriate
  • Evaluation and take-home elements in the Student Book and other teaching resources support the home-school link, helping teachers to connect with parents
  • Strong, age-appropriate component package underpins the methodology and ensures teachers feel supported
  • Classroom Resource Pack includes a hand puppet for use in classroom routines, introductions and games, and an interactive poster for language presentation
  • Classroom Presentation Tool contains animated stories and songs, interactive games, and digital posters, to bring learning to life


Oxford Beginnings with Cookie is a flexible, child-centered course for Nursery level students, and the perfect start to learning English with Oxford.

Immerse students in the colorful world of Cookie the Cat through a rich package of TPR, songs, stories, activities and games.

Nurture the natural curiosity of very young learners with a specially adapted introduction to inquiry-based learning.

Embrace a “Whole Child” approach to teaching and learning, following universal development standards for early years education.

Adapt lessons to suit different teaching scenarios and the changing needs of learners.