Playtime A Class Book

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Playtime A Class Book

Format: Paperback

The fun, new three-level British English course with fully integrated DVD motivating pre-schoolers to learn through memorable stories and songs.

  • ISBN: 978-0-19-404654-1
  • Pages: 88
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Dimensions: 276x219 inches

This great new series focuses on the real-life pre-school environment, a familiar setting for little ones to start learning English through other subjects.

Monkey (the puppet) starts every lesson in a fun way and the children's enthusiasm for English builds from the beginning.

Through easy-to-follow classroom routines for each lesson, children also learn to develop good habits and good behaviour.

Playtime's lively stories present natural language in familiar contexts - using integrated DVD as well.

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Our discounted price list (PDF)

  • Pop-outs (six pages)
  • a Starter unit
  • 3 festival and holiday units
  • Mini flashcards (seven pages of smaller versions of the flashcards)

Key features

  • There are 60 core lessons for Levels A and B, which can be boosted by an extra 30 lessons in the Work Book.
  • The Class Book contains a Starter Unit and six units with core teaching materials and two festival and holiday units.
  • There are 6 pages of mini flashcards (smaller versions of the flashcards) along with pop outs.
  • Great home-school links with the Class Book

    1. Class Book activity pages are perforated - so children can take them home

    2. In every unit the children make a pop-out based on the story that they can take home to tell the story there.
  • The Class Book contains EIGHT activities per unit:

    1. Two consolidation activities - following the story

    2. Two vocabulary activities - to practise the vocabulary song

    3. Cross-curricular/DVD activity - to consolidate the theme

    4. Own life activity - to personalise the topic to the child's life

    5. Key language activity - to bring together all of the language learnt in the unit

    6. Song activity - using the pop outs


1. The Playtime Class Book appeals to all styles of learning, embodied in the four playful, child characters - Rocket, Twig, Star and Melody.

2. The teacher is provided with the widest variety of flexible components in a pre school course, including DVDs

3. Children are introduced to each story by a friendly monkey puppet who guides their repeated contact with the language through memorable songs, story songs, digital classroom resources and craft-based activities.

4. The cross-curricular approach helps learners explore their first experience of English through other subjects and see English in a real-life British context through photographs and DVD

5. Parents and learners are supported by a website with additional practice and content - building on a child's learning in school at home


Part of... Playtime

Playtime makes learning English through other subjects fun by focusing on real-life pre-school.

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