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Playtime Starter

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Playtime Starter

Stories, DVD and play – start to learn real-life English the Playtime way!

The fun, new three-level British English course with fully integrated DVD motivating pre-schoolers to learn through memorable stories and songs.

  • Part of: Playtime
  • Other levels: A , B
  • Language Level: Beginner
  • Teaching hours: 54 (+30 optional)

This great new series focuses on the real-life pre-school environment, a familiar setting for little ones to start learning English through other subjects.

Monkey (the puppet) starts every lesson in a fun way and the children’s enthusiasm for English builds from the beginning.

Through easy-to-follow classroom routines for each lesson children also learn to develop good habits and good behaviour.

Playtime’s lively stories present natural language in familiar contexts - using integrated DVD as well.

  • Course Book
  • Workbook
  • Teachers Book
  • iTools
  • Teachers Resource Pack (DVDs, Flashcards, Big Storybooks, Puppet and Posters)
  • Audio Class CD

Key features

  • Playtime appeals to all styles of learning, embodied in the four playful, child characters – Rocket, Twig, Star and Melody.
  • The teacher is provided with the widest variety of flexible components in a pre-school course, including DVDs
  • Children are introduced to each story by a friendly monkey puppet who guides their repeated contact with the language through memorable songs, story songs, digital classroom resources and craft-based activities.
  • The cross-curricular approach helps learners explore their first experience of English through other subjects and see English in a real-life British context through photographs and DVD
  • Parents and learners are supported by a website with additional practice and content – building on a child’s learning in school at home
  • There are over 60 core lessons for Levels A and B which can be boosted by an extra 30 lessons in the Work Book.


Playtime supports an all-round education for very young learners

All–round…….. fun

Playtime lets children have fun with English from the start! It helps children enjoy learning words, basic expressions, songs and chants with Monkey – a cuddly puppet who introduces all the stories and helps the teacher with flash cards! He only speaks English and really motivates the children to speak English

All–round…….. flexibility

The flexible resources with digital support for the first time - Playtime is the first and only course for pre-school children to offer such a wide variety of flexible digital classroom resources to the teacher.

All–round…….. stories

With Playtime’s story-based approach children are motivated by experiencing repeated contact with the same, natural language in several different forms – on DVD, on the white board, through song, story song, traditional story book story telling, writing, listening, craft activities AND with lots of games

All–round…….. friends

Their friends in the stories are the child characters – Rocket, Star Twig and Melody. Each of these characters represents a different learning style and each style is explored in Playtime.

Rocket – learns by doing, Melody learns by being creative, Twig learns by feeling and exploring and Star learns by listening and watching.

All round…British life

Playtime gives children an insight into British culture with photographic flashcards relating to stories AND short, integrated DVD films showing real British families support every story in the course.

All round…global curriculum

With Playtime children learn English through other subjects.

All–round…….. home and school

Playtime lets parents can support their children’s learning at school with additional practice at home on the Playschool website. The website offers guidance to parents in several languages; English, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech and Polish.


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Class Book


Playtime makes learning English through other subjects fun by using stories base...

Teacher's Book


Playtime makes learning English through other subjects fun by using stories base...

Teacher's Resource Pack


Playtime makes learning English through other subjects fun by using stories base...

ISBN Title
978-0-19-404653-4 Playtime Starter Class Book
978-0-19-404659-6 Playtime Starter Teacher's Book
978-0-19-404679-4 Playtime Starter, A & B Teacher's Resource Pack
978-0-19-404650-3 Playtime Starter Class CD
978-0-19-404668-8 Playtime Starter Workbook