Potato Pals 1

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Potato Pals 1

Fun stories teach pre-primary to primary students simple sentences, basic vocabulary, and useful patterns through a unique system of picture cues.

'Potato Pals' teaches language and vocabulary using 16-page readers that feature appealing potato characters.

An easy method of repetition, memorization, and simple reading assures student success.

'Potato Pals' is suitable for in-class work or for practice with parents at home.

  • Book Set with Audio CD
  • Activity Book
  • Workbook
  • Picture Cards
  • User's Guide

Key features

  • Cute characters and colourful stories appeal to teachers and students alike.
  • Unique picture-cue system for successful language learning.
  • Workbook support for both pre-writing and writing level students.
  • Easily adaptable to use with any pre-primary/primary program.
  • Many opportunities for learning useful phrases, vocabulary, and language patterns.


This Book Set features the Potato Pals doing everyday activities in their immediate world.

This includes having fun at school, home, and in the park.

Titles in this Book Set:

  • In the Morning
  • At School
  • At the Park
  • At Home
  • Good Friends
  • In the Evening


The Potato Pals app is a fun and exciting way for young learners of English to practice developing their language skills.

Children can read and listen to a total of 7 different Potato Pals stories. One free story is included in the app with the option to buy 6 more. The 7 different Potato Pals stories are all illustrated and brought to life with charming animations and audio.

The 'Learn' section on the app contains over 150 useful words to help children talk about their day. The words all appear in the stories in context helping children remember new language.

The app teaches 48 useful phrases that young children can use to tell the story of their own daily lives. Audio and illustrations throughout help children with pronunciation and meaning, and audio for children to repeat develops their confidence in English.

Face recognition on the app allows children to star in their own version of the stories, giving them the opportunity to show what they can do. They can listen to their own voice telling the stories and see their own face appearing in the story illustrations. They can then save their video and share it on YouTube.

The app includes a song for each story which contains all the phrases the children have learned. They can sing along to the songs and record karaoke versions of themselves singing. They can share their recordings of their versions of the songs with friends and family.

With simple navigation and clear buttons the app is easy to use for young learners. The app is ideal for children to practice English at home.

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Potato Pals 1


This exciting series of readers teaches everyday language in a way that is fun, ...

Potato Pals 1


This exciting series of readers teaches everyday language in a way that is fun, ...

Potato Pals One App cover


A fun app for young learners of English. With face recognition, letting children...

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978-0-19-439190-0 Potato Pals 1: Activity Book
978-0-19-439191-7 Potato Pals 1: Workbook
978-0-19-450581-9 Potato Pals One App