Teddy's Train Activity Book A

Teddy's Train Activity Book A

Format: Paperback

A flexible set of materials to introduce pre-school children to English.

  • ISBN: 978-0-19-411226-0
  • Pages: 64
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Dimensions: 219x276 mm

Key features

  • 32 tear-off, wordless worksheets in each Activity Book
  • Six units per level, plus a free-standing Christmas unit and Easter unit per level
  • Notes on the back of each worksheet for teachers and parents
  • This two-level course takes a playful approach to teaching very young children. Children join Teddy on his train as he travels to a different destination in each unit, such as Teddy's home, his school, a park and a farm.
  • The Activity Book at each level is a set of delightfully illustrated, tear-off worksheets. There are five worksheets per unit, with a variety of stimulating activities such as drawing, matching, puzzles, spot the difference, cutting and colouring.
  • The extra-large, interactive poster of Teddy's Train helps children learn new vocabulary items in an innovative way. Its four wagons have specially designed cuts so that children can actually use the poster in a variety of games to 'load' and 'unload' vocabulary flashcards.
  • A large number of original action songs relating to the topics get children up and moving, with some calmer songs such as Teddy's asleep for quieter moments. The songs have been composed by a specialist in pre-school music.
  • Every unit is structured in the same way, giving both the teacher and children a feeling of security and familiarity.
  • The new Teddy's Train Video offers lively animated versions of eight songs to enable children to learn and explore through play, music, movement, and art.


Teddy's Train is for 4-5 year olds beginning English. It provides two levels of activity books with perforated tear-out pages. The books have a very low vocabulary load and lots of songs.

Teddy's Train uses the metaphor of Teddy and his train to take children to different places. A specially designed long 'train' poster is used to 'load' the new vocabulary flashcards into the wagons.

The tear-off sheets mean that teachers can use the materials flexibly to fit in with the general curriculum. Notes and a step-by-step illustrated guide to the action songs are printed on the back of the activity sheets for the teacher.

Flashcards teach basic vocabulary.

Part of... Teddy's Train

A flexible set of materials to introduce pre-school children to English.

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