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Zig-Zag Island

An appealing two-level course for 6-8 year olds that introduces English through play.

The first level, Zag-Zag Island, is a wordless starter book to introduce young children to oral English.

Zig-Zag Magic provides a gentle introduction to reading and writing.

  • Class Book
  • Teacher's Book

Key features

  • Children are introduced to language through play, ensuring that their first encounter with English is non-threatening and fun.
  • Children join the characters Katy and Tom as they travel around an island inhabited by animals in Zig-Zag Island, the first level, and around another island occupied by magic characters in Zig-Zag Magic , the second level. This sets the context for songs, games and stories covering a variety of topics such as the family, toys and food.
  • There are no words in the Zig-Zag Island coursebook; each unit focuses on a different story told entirely through the illustrations. This allows children to take part in communicative activities without worrying about written forms. Zig-Zag Magic introduces reading and writing at a very gentle pace.
  • At each level puzzle pages, featuring a wide variety of puzzles, keep children attentive and motivated and help to develop thinking skills.
  • Cut-outs for easy-to-make items such masks, puppets and cards are included.
  • At each level posters and flashcards provide the stimulus for a number of games.