Person to Person, Third Edition Starter

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Person to Person Starter

Third Edition

Key features

  • Focuses on listening and speaking skills for students who have studied grammar but lack confidence in speaking.
  • Pronunciation Focus in each unit provides practical pointers for students.
  • This new edition features all new photographs and illustrations.
  • Revised units now have more speaking activities.
  • New vocabulary support helps students to complete the tasks.
  • NEW Student Audio CD in the Student Book provides students with listening practice outside the classroom.
  • Class Audio CDs with extra listening practice and recordings use a variety of accents for real-life listening practice.


This three-level listening and speaking course has a functional syllabus that focuses on everyday language. The lessons are based on realistic conversations and have task-based activities with more listening and vocabulary support than before.

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Person to Person


Now available in three levels, Person to Person focuses on the language function...

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978-0-19-430209-8 Person to Person: Audio CD