Q: Skills for Success Level 3 Reading and Writing Classroom Presentation Tool

Q: Skills for Success Level 3 Reading and Writing Classroom Presentation Tool

Third Edition

Format: Online resource

Q: Skills for Success Third Edition builds on its question-centered approach to help students achieve academic success. 90% of teachers believe that Q: Skills for Success has played a significant part in improving the skills their students need for academic study.*

  • ISBN: 978-0-19-490424-7

Q: Skills for Success is renowned for helping students to achieve academic success in English.

The Third Edition helps students to develop the techniques and critical thinking skills they need for academic study with new Critical Thinking Strategies, updated texts and topics and 100% new assessment.

Deliver heads-up lessons with the Classroom Presentation Tool, a digital resource for the front of the class with an extensive range of easy-to-use features.

Encourage the whole class to participate with interactive activities and video that fill the screen and boost engagement. For teachers, it's easier than ever to run successful lessons with built-in tools including audio and video, answer keys that reveal answers one-by-one or all at once and annotation tools. Plan lessons wherever you like, from your tablet device or computer, then see your notes, annotations and links in your classroom computer.

*The Q: Skills for Success impact study was conducted between September 2018 and March 2019. Oxford Impact is how Oxford University Press evaluates its educational products and services so that teachers and learners can be sure that our resources make a positive difference.

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  • Classroom Presentation Tool

Key features

  • Show the Student Book on screen during lessons.
  • Play audio and video at the touch of a button.
  • Click direct links from the Student Book to access iQ Online Practice activities on screen.
  • Open the scripts that accompany audio and video activities so students can read the dialogue at the same time.
  • Speed up or slow down the audio to tailor lessons to your students' listening level.
  • Record your students speaking and compare their voices to the course audio.
  • Plan your lessons wherever you are. Add text or audio notes to a page, save your web links, then open them in class.
  • Reveal the answers to students one-by-one or all at once. Mark the answers on a page, then delete them so the class can try again.


Think critically.

Q: Skills for Success develops the critical thinking skills your students need.
What's new?
  • NEW Critical Thinking Strategies and activities in every unit to help students analyze, develop and justify their ideas.
  • NEW author-voiced videos accompany each strategy to guide your students' critical thinking and help them gain a deeper understanding.
Succeed academically.

Q: Skills for Success prepares students with the core language skills and the softer skills they need for academic success.
  • The Third Edition promotes continuous learning and encourages students to evaluate their own progress with detailed answer explanations and reflection worksheets. Find all testing material online in the Teacher's Resources.
  • New texts and videos are on topics that have been chosen by teachers to inspire students to engage with their learning.
  • A research-based vocabulary program focuses on the words students need to know academically and professionally. The vocabulary syllabus in Q: Skills for Success is correlated to the CEFR and linked to two word lists:
  1. The Oxford 3000™ and new Oxford 5000™, which list the core words that every learner needs to know, chosen by language experts.
  2. The Oxford Phrasal Academic Lexicon (OPAL), which is collection of four word lists that provide an essential guide to the most important words and phrases to know in academic English. The OPAL includes both spoken and written academic English and both individual words and longer phrases.
Extend learning beyond the classroom.

  • iQ Online Practice is now optimised for mobile use, allowing students to get extra skills practice, access audio and video, and check their progress – whenever and wherever suits them. This includes all Unit Videos, new Critical Thinking Videos and new Skills Videos that provide illustrated explanations of skills and grammar points in the Student Book.
  • The refreshed iQ Online Practice Discussion Board lets students discuss their learning with their peers.
  • The updated Writing Tutor supports students to practice their academic writing skills (available with Reading and Writing iQ Online Practice only).
  • For further practice and motivation, the new Extensive Reading program offers sample chapters from Oxford Graded Readers aligned to each unit.

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A six-level paired skills series that helps students to think critically and succeed academically. The Third Edition builds on Q: Skills for Success' question-centered approach with even more critical thinking, up-to-date topics, and 100% new assessment.

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