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Tactics for Listening: Developing e-book

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Tactics for Listening: Developing e-book

Format: Online Resource

A classroom-proven, American English listening skills course for upper secondary, college and university students.

  • ISBN: 978-0-19-401392-5
  • Price: USD 28.00 + Sales Tax

Tactics for Listening Third Edition is available as an e-book, with interactive features designed specifically for language learners. Available for iPad and tablets for Android via the Oxford Learner's Bookshelf app and online on a computer at Learners study online or on a tablet and their work syncs between devices.

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Key features

  • Improve pronunciation: Repeat audio, record yourself, and compare to original
  • Improve listening: Slow down audio to hear each word clearly
  • Personalise your e-book: Save written or spoken notes anywhere on the page. Use the pen tool to draw and highlight
  • Easy to get around: Bookmarks, jump to page, thumbnail sorter
  • Available for all levels


Tactics for Listening Third Edition is a practical three level listening skills course for upper secondary, college and university students. You can use it independently, or alongside other skills courses.

Packed full of listening activities on every page, the course provides practice in conversation and listening across a wide range of subjects and situations.

High-interest topics use practical, everyday language and lots of manageable listening tasks to engage students and keep them motivated.

Each unit outlines specific listening skills, and pronunciation and conversation topics, within the context of a topical subject.

Short, manageable chunks make for easy teaching - and easy learning.

Task-based activities in the Tactics for Testing sections provide practice in test-taking techniques, related to several units.

The Teacher's Testing Program and Resource CD-ROM supplements your teaching with unit quizzes and worksheets. These further develop students' confidence and their listening and exam techniques.

For students, access to downloadable audio MP3 files, from the new Audio Download Center, encourages study 'on the go' and supplements their out of class learning.

You and your students can keep track of vocabulary development with the new vocabulary index.

Listed by unit, it provides a useful tool for exam preparation and testing.

Audio Download Center

The Audio Download Center provides audio material from the Student's Book, for students to download to their iPods or cell phones.

These MP3 files are the perfect resource for encouraging out of class study.

Access and download audio files for all the Listening 3, Pronunciation and Dictation activities in the Student Book Audio files for each Tactics for Testing section

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A classroom-proven, American English listening skills course for upper secondary, college and university students.

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