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Words in Motion

A practical, interactive writing course for adults and young adults.

Key features

  • It teaches students to enjoy writing as a process of creation, collaboration, and revision while working together in pairs and groups.
  • It gives students experience with different kinds of writing, such as self-introductions, personal and business letters, movie reviews, and stories.
  • The topics are interesting and relevant to students.
  • Short, focused units lead students through a complete cycle of pre-writing, drafting, and revision.
  • It helps students develop the ability to correct basic grammar mistakes. A special 'Grammar Clinic' section reviews important structures.
  • Writing samples provide students with clear models.
  • Writing projects give students the opportunity to work independently and choose the subjects that interest them most.

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Teacher's Guide


A lively practical writing text for pre-intermediate to intermediate students. W...

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978-0-19-434459-3 Words in Motion Teacher's Guide