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Mobile Learning

Format: Paperback
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Shortlisted for the English Speaking Union's English Language Award, 2018

Mobile Learning provides clear guidance and essential support for teachers who want to use mobile devices in and outside the language classroom. Full of practical ideas and activities, it emphasizes the power of the mobile device as a tool for language learning.

  • ISBN: 978-0-19-420039-4
  • Страницы: 104
  • Обложка Paperback
  • Размеры 276x210 mm

Основные характеристики

  • Helps teachers get started with using mobile devices and apps in class.
  • Shows how to make the most of in-built features, such as messaging, photos, and audio recording.
  • Introduces more advanced project ideas, including digital storytelling, video and animation, multimodal approaches, and augmented reality.
  • Addresses issues such as acceptable use policies and staying safe.
  • Provides teachers with dozens of practical ideas and activities they can immediately incorporate into their teaching.

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Into the Classroom is a series of short, practical guides that help teachers who work in the primary and secondary school setting to make sense of new teaching tools, techniques and educational policy, with ideas for implementing them in the classroom.

Practical and easy to read, this series offers a range of activities and teaching tips for you to introduce into your lessons. ‘Try this’ provides ideas for implementing new techniques with confidence, while best practice tips and techniques are provided in the ‘getting it right’ sections.


  • "All in all, this well-designed book presents an ideal quantity of information on sensibly employing mobile devices in education, 'ideal' because there is sufficient guidance to get one started while avoiding overload but also engaging with teachers who have a higher level of IT experience as well as giving teachers a spring-board from which to develop their own ideas with their students. Highly recommended!"
    - EFL Magazine
  • "The aim of this short practical guide is to raise awareness of the massive potential of mobile learning, used judiciously, to enrich the language teaching-learning process and complement other domains of education and life... Read Mobile Learning... because it will further convince you that teachers can make a difference, but through technology not because of technology."
    - Modern English Teacher
  • "The book will be a useful tool to teachers with any degree of expertise."
    - Humanising Language Teaching


Part 1: Implementing Mobile Devices
1 Thinking about going mobile
2 Getting started
Part 2: Taking the First Steps
3 Take out your devices
4 A photo tells a thousand words
5 QR codes: a versatile classroom tool
6 Audio recording
Part 3: Mobile Devices: Projects and Beyond
7 Digital storytelling
8 Video and animation
9 Mulitmodal approaches and alternative realities
10 Tools for the teacher

УМК Into the Classroom

Practical guides to understanding and implementing new developments in teaching

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