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Literature Chapter 7 e-book

Literature Chapter 7 e-book

Chapter 7 ' Drama'.

Format: Electronic book text

Each title focuses on a specific area of language teaching, helping you to make sense of new developments and implement them into your classroom.

  • ISBN: 978-0-19-425936-1

Chapter 7 ' Drama' is taken from Literature e-book.

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Key features

  • Practical advice and activities for classroom implementation
  • ‘Try this’ ideas give you confidence to introduce new techniques into your classroom
  • ‘Getting it right’ provides best practice tips and techniques
  • Companion website includes additional material and PDF content for each title
  • Also available in e-Book format


Chapter 7 ' Drama' is taken from Literature e-book.

Literature provides teachers with accessible pedagogy and practical advice for using Literature in the classroom in learner-centred ways. Through practical ideas and activities, teachers are guided through implementing Literature into their lessons.


  • The authors have found a way of addressing the teacher-reader that takes nothing for granted in terms of knowledge of or experience in using Literature but makes everything feel accessible... Literature speaks directly and informatively to its readers, providing ideas, examples and resources that will encourage teachers considering using Literature in the classroom for the first time and provide teachers already using Literature with a wealth of new ideas.
    - Alan Pulverness, Modern English Teacher
  • The learning objectives and techniques of all the tasks are refreshingly eclectic, and presented as easily transferable to alternative sources. The authors encourage deeper thinking about the principles of task design, and encourage users to engage critically with the literary content... It will probably make all the users hungry for more Literature!
    - English Teaching Professional
  • ... presents a wide range of stimulating activities that would clearly serve as language learning opportunities - and all via alternative tools.
    - EL Gazette
  • an amazing treasure trove of information... This book is truly full of great ideas and engaging activities and should be included in the libraries of both seasoned and novice English instructors.
    - IATEFL Voices
  • Reading Literature is very much like attending an intensive workshop on teaching Literature in the EFL classroom. This is actually one of the great strengths of their book... the activities suggested in its pages radiate a positive aura of the 'tried and tested'. Paran and Robinson do not only address teachers like myself who are passionate about Literature... they also want to motivate teachers who love Literature but are more sceptical about how they are going to successfully implement it in their language lessons... In all, the book can be thoroughly recommended to any teacher, whether a beginner or an expert, who would like to explore Literature with their learners.
    - ETAS Journal
  • With a robustly practical approach, the book is well-designed, well-structured and an easy read. The tone adopted is that of a helpful and friendly senior colleague... It is easy to dip into and speedy to find what one is interested in.... a welcome and effective addition to anyone's library... For teachers considering adding something new and literary to their pedagogical armory, this text offers an ideal starting point.
    - The Journal of Literature in Language Teaching
  • A practical and helpful reference... one of the few that provides a good guide to employing literary works in the EFL classroom.
    - Reading in a Foreign Language
  • an accessible and practical guide... a book that every teacher interested in using Literature and the arts in English language learning should have to hand when preparing their next lesson.
    - ELT Journal

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