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Language Education Management

A comprehensive series on quality assurance in language education that explores key issues in the areas of teaching competences, course management, and course planning.

Key features

  • Real examples of course management in different educational contexts.
  • Tasks for reflection to discover the management strategy that works best for your courses.


Recommended for:
  • Language course managers
  • Language teacher trainers
  • Practising language teachers

For Language Education Management (9)

Language Teaching Competences


This book explains in practical detail how an understanding of competences can h...

Language Course Management


This book focuses on the role of language course managers, providing practical t...

Language Course Planning


How are curriculums and syllabuses developed and revised? What are the issues co...

ISBN Title
978-0-19-440326-9 Language Teaching Competences
978-0-19-440327-6 Language Course Management
978-0-19-440328-3 Language Course Planning
978-0-19-440319-1 Language Teaching Competences e-Book
978-0-19-440320-7 Language Teaching Competences e-Book for Kindle
978-0-19-440322-1 Language Course Management e-Book for Kindle
978-0-19-440321-4 Language Course Management e-Book
978-0-19-440324-5 Language Course Planning e-Book for Kindle
978-0-19-440323-8 Language Course Planning e-Book