Intercultural Activities e-book

Intercultural Activities e-book

Format: e-book (Kobo, Kindle, Apple devices,, Android, RM Books, OLF)

Thirty simple activities designed to inform and give practice in discussing cultural topics with classes up to intermediate level. The activities are quick and easy to prepare and require few, or no, additional resources. An introduction provides guidance for teachers unfamiliar with the communicative approach.

  • ISBN: 978-0-19-442627-5
  • Print Length (pages): 72



1 Greetings and introductions

2 Everyday customs and habits

3 Names and families

4 Flags

5 The UK

6 Stamps

7 Houses and homes

8 Jobs for men and women

9 Pets

10 Food

11 Drink

12 School life

13 Clothes

14 Sport

15 Holidays

16 Souvenirs

17 Shopping

18 Cities

19 Transport

20 Parks

21 Weather and climate

22 Health and fitness

23 Superstitions

24 Politeness and social behaviour

25 Humour

26 Music

27 Celebrities

28 Inventors and discoverers

29 International English?

30 Festivals and celebrations


  • 'I recommend this book to both new and experienced teachers for the fresh ideas it contains.'
    - TESLEJ, Dec 2002
  • 'All in all, I recommend the book especially to young teachers, to those who lack ideas, and to those who would like to introduce meaningful and interesting cultural subjects during their lessons.'
    - IATEFL Conference, 2003