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Oxford Basics

A series of short, accessible books containing lesson plans for teaching elementary to intermediate level students.

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Classroom English cover
Classroom English


Oxford Basics are short, easy-to-use books based on communicative methodology. T...

Classroom English e-book cover
Classroom English e-book


Cross-curricular Activities cover
Cross-curricular Activities


Oxford Basics are short, easy-to-use books based on communicative methodology. T...

ISBN Title
978-0-19-442633-6 Cross-curricular Activities e-book
978-0-19-442629-9 Activities Using Resources e-book
978-0-19-442627-5 Intercultural Activities e-book
978-0-19-442625-1 Presenting New Language e-book
978-0-19-442626-8 Teaching Grammar e-book
978-0-19-442624-4 Simple Reading Activities e-book
978-0-19-442622-0 Simple Writing Activities e-book
978-0-19-442621-3 Simple Speaking Activities e-book
978-0-19-442623-7 Simple Listening Activities e-book
978-0-19-442619-0 Classroom English e-book
978-0-19-441975-8 Oxford Basics: Introduction to Teaching English
978-0-19-442188-1 Cross-curricular Activities
978-0-19-442179-9 Oxford Basics: Teaching Grammar
978-0-19-442178-2 Oxford Basics: Intercultural Activities
978-0-19-442170-6 Simple Writing Activities
978-0-19-437173-5 Classroom English
978-0-19-442173-7 Simple Reading Activities
978-0-19-442167-6 Presenting New Language
978-0-19-442168-3 Simple Listening Activities
978-0-19-442169-0 Simple Speaking Activities