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Oxford Basics for Children

A series for teachers of young learners which provides adaptable teaching ideas in an easy-to-follow format.

For Oxford Basics for Children (8)

Starting and Ending Lessons cover
Starting and Ending Lessons


Twenty-five activities to settle children into a class or bring the lesson to an...

Listen and Do cover
Listen and Do


30 short, simple, physical activities to encourage children to listen and respon...

Storytelling cover


Activities to encourage children to tell and respond to stories. By Eleanor Watt...

ISBN Title
978-0-19-442299-4 Starting and Ending Lessons
978-0-19-442240-6 Listen and Do
978-0-19-441976-5 Storytelling
978-0-19-442195-9 Oxford Basics for Children Vocabulary Activities
978-0-19-442632-9 Starting and Ending Lessons e-book
978-0-19-442628-2 Vocabulary Activities e-book
978-0-19-442630-5 Storytelling e-book
978-0-19-442631-2 Listen and Do e-book