Doing Task-Based Teaching e-book

Doing Task-Based Teaching e-book

Format: e-book (Kindle,, Apple devices, Kobo, Android, RM Books, OLF)

A practical guide to task-based teaching for ELT training courses and practising teachers.

  • ISBN: 978-0-19-434269-8
  • Print Length (pages): 296

Task-based teaching has created enormous interest among teachers in recent years. But how does the idea of designing tasks (e.g. discussions, problems, games) that encourage learners to use real language work in practice?

This book explains the basic principles behind task-based learning and teaching and gives practical examples of how to make it work in different teaching situations.

Key features

  • Gives a clear explanation of the basic principles of task-based teaching
  • Contains many examples of tasks and lesson plans from teachers around the world
  • Provides sample materials and lesson plans showing how to focus on meaning, language, and form
  • Includes guidance on adapting existing course materials to include a task-based element
  • Suitable for teacher training courses or for individual teachers
  • Authors are leading world experts on task-based teaching