From Experience to Knowledge in ELT e-Book for Kindle

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From Experience to Knowledge in ELT e-Book for Kindle

Format: e-book (Kindle)
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A guide to help teachers of English to develop teaching skills through drawing on practical classroom experience.

How can you turn your teaching experience into practical knowledge that will make you a better teacher in the future?

Using extracts from classroom language and published coursebooks as examples, From Experience to Knowledge in ELT shows you strategies and ideas that will work with your students and that will help you to develop your own personal teaching style.

Основные характеристики

  • Includes sections on teaching materials, classroom environment, and equipment
  • Explains principles of lesson planning and classroom management
  • Suggests ways of improving students' language skills
  • Surveys different types of language test and how to use them
  • Supports professional development, including preparation for gaining a recognised teaching qualification, such as the Cambridge Teaching Knowledge Test
  • Authors have a wide experience of teacher training in a variety of contexts

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From Experience to Knowledge in ELT helps you to understand what you have already learned through your teaching and use that new understanding to improve your teaching and develop a personal teaching style of your own.

Rather than presenting you with abstract theories, this book encourages you to reflect on and draw on your own teaching experience in order to decide on your own principles of good practice and then apply them to your teaching.

The book uses extracts from classroom language and published coursebooks as examples. It is organized in two parts, each containing chapters on specific aspects of teaching and learning.

Part One (Familiarization) explores the English Language Teaching classroom and discusses practical teaching techniques. It has chapters on:

- People (learners and teachers)
- Learning and teaching processes
- The English Language
- Materials
- Environment and equipment.

Part Two (Action) covers methodology and teaching procedures, and has chapters on:

- Classroom management
- From communication to language (including task-based learning and other communication-based teaching methods)
- From language to communication (including how to elicit, present, and explain language, and how to correct errors in language use)
- Improving language skills

Each chapter ends with a set of questions and activities to help you reflect on and discuss what you have read and apply it to your own teaching experience.


  • 'This is a very practical, up-to-date, easy-to-digest book for all those involved in ELT: undergraduate students, pre-service/in-service teachers, post-graduate students and ELT teacher-trainers/lecturers especially those who share Elbaz's (1981) basic argument that teachers play a central, autonomous role in shaping curricula, rather than being merely 'a cog in the educational machine.'
    - RELC Journal

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