Exploring Psychology in Language Learning and Teaching Chapter 3 e-book

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Exploring Psychology in Language Learning and Teaching Chapter 3 e-book

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Chapter 3 'The self' is taken from Exploring Psychology in Language Learning and Teaching.

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This chapter is from Exploring Psychology in Language Learning and Teaching e-book.
The authors highlight the insights for the understanding of language learning and discuss the important implications for language teaching pedagogy.

Marion Williams was formerly Reader in Applied Linguistics at the University of Exeter and is a past president of IATEFL.

Sarah Mercer is Professor of Foreign Language Teaching at the University of Graz, Austria.

Stephen Ryan is Professor in the School of Economics at Senshu University, Tokyo.

This title is part of the highly regarded Oxford Handbooks for Language Teachers series that covers the topics language teachers want to know more about. Recommended for reference, or for language teacher educators to use as a basis for teacher education courses and seminars. For other titles in the series please visit the ELT homepage.

Recommended for:
  • Practising language teachers
  • Language teacher educators
  • ELT and TESOL Masters and Diploma students.


  • Williams, Mercer and Ryan bring years of combined teaching and teacher educating experience to their writing task, and begin by first of all recognizing teachers' credibility...[They] find that elusive sweet spot between spoon-feeding and inaccessibility - with much of the reader-friendliness, in my opinion, attained with the provision of their explicit explanation of terms, concrete examples and accompanying activities. Williams, Mercer and Ryan talk to teachers to help them improve their practice - and do not lose their academic credibility in the process.
    - New Routes (Tammy Gregersen, Professor of TESOL, University of North Iowa)
  • This short but eye-catching publication is an attempt to fill a niche in the market for an up-to-date book which provides an overview of some of the key areas of educational and social psychology and how they relate to language teaching/learning... The authors have clearly made good use of their expert knowledge in the discipline... This publication is not at all prescriptive but encourages teachers and practitioners to evaluate their own theories of teaching/learning and consider what is appropriate to their own settings. Verdict: a very worthwhile acquisition, accessible and thought-provoking... [It] most certainly succeeds in its stated goal of enriching the teaching and learning experience of the reader.
    - Perspectives, TESOL Arabia
  • Knowledge of psychological factors involved in the process of language learning and teaching is indispensable for teachers of languages... This is one of the must-read books in the field... realistic and down-to-earth... It is not surprising at all to learn that the book has won the Ben Warren Prize for contributing successfully to teacher education.
    - Eurasian Journal of Applied Linguistics
  • [a] brilliant volume... relevant to practising teachers... original... inspirational... well-written and appealing... consistent with core values... crucial for the lives and work of many readers... Marion Williams, Sarah Mercer, and Stephen Ryan, who are very skilled authors, researchers, and teachers, have made this book a rich contribution to the field. Without using too much hyperbole, I contend that Exploring Psychology in Language Learning and Teaching deserves the term 'glorious', meaning full of light and brightness (note the book's bright gold cover, as well as the enlightening contents), delightful, wonderful, completely enjoyable, and worthy of high praise. It is well worth reading.
    - Rebecca Oxford, English Language Teaching Journal

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