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Oxford Introductions to Language Study

A series of brief, clear introductions to the main areas of language study.

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Applied Linguistics cover
Applied Linguistics


This book addresses the most pressing and controversial issues surrounding conte...

Phonetics cover


This book leads the reader through the main areas of phonetics, including how sp...

Second Language Acquisition cover
Second Language Acquisition


This book outlines the study of how people learn a language other than their mot...

ISBN Title
978-0-19-437598-6 Applied Linguistics
978-0-19-437239-8 Phonetics
978-0-19-437212-1 Second Language Acquisition
978-0-19-437211-4 Sociolinguistics
978-0-19-437240-4 Stylistics
978-0-19-438923-5 Semantics
978-0-19-438922-8 Translation