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Oxford Introductions to Language Study

A series of brief, clear introductions to the main areas of language study.

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Applied Linguistics cover
Applied Linguistics


Provides a concise but comprehensive overview of the most pressing and controver...

Discourse Analysis cover
Discourse Analysis


An account of how meaning is expressed and interpreted in spoken and written tex...

Grammar cover


Explains what grammar really is, why languages have to have it, and how differen...

ISBN Title
978-0-19-438923-5 Semantics
978-0-19-438922-8 Translation
978-0-19-438921-1 Discourse Analysis
978-0-19-437241-1 Grammar
978-0-19-437598-6 Applied Linguistics
978-0-19-437240-4 Stylistics
978-0-19-437239-8 Phonetics
978-0-19-437238-1 Historical Linguistics
978-0-19-437222-0 Language Testing
978-0-19-437214-5 Language and Culture
978-0-19-437213-8 Psycholinguistics
978-0-19-437211-4 Sociolinguistics
978-0-19-437212-1 Second Language Acquisition
978-0-19-437207-7 Pragmatics