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Young Learners e-book

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This book presents ideas and materials for a wide variety of language-practice activities.

  • ISBN: 978-0-19-442595-7
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Key features

  • The book is based on the principle that English lessons form an integral part of a young learner's whole education, and that the teacher has a wider responsibility than the simple teaching of the language system.
  • Practical ideas are provided for a wide variety of language practice activities, including art and crafts, drama, games, storytelling and songs.
  • There are helpful hints for teachers new to young learners (age 6-12 years).


This book presents ideas and materials for a wide variety of language-practice activities.


Note: A full contents list at the front of the book provides a complete list of the activities, the suggested level and age-group for each activity, and an approximate guide to the time an activity will take. The summary below aims to give a general idea of the book's organization.

The author and series editor
How to use this book

1 Listening (8 activities)

2 Speaking (7 activities)

3 Reading (7 activities)

4 Writing (6 activities)

5 Vocabulary and grammar (8 activities)

6 Games (9 activities)

7 Songs and chants (3 activities)

8 Creative activities (10 activities)

9 Video (5 activities)

10 Putting it all together

Classroom management
Lesson content
Lesson planning
Photocopiable worksheets
Further reading


  • 'A necessary addition to the library of every teacher of young learners.' - IATEFL Young Learners SIG Newsletter |k Y