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Second Edition

Format: Paperback

Since the first edition of Literature, new ways of using literary texts have emerged, and there is now an even greater choice of stimulating texts available. This is a revised edition of this prize-winning book which has been widely used by teachers all over the world.

Name of series: Resource Books for Teachers

  • ISBN: 978-0-19-442576-6

The Resource Books for Teachers series gives teachers, trainers, and trainee teachers practical guidance in key aspects of language teaching. Each book includes an introduction and up to 100 classroom ideas, materials, and techniques. The activities are clearly presented, and offer teachers all the information they need about appropriate level, time, preparation, materials, variations, and follow-up activities.

Key features

  • Offers a wide variety of interesting and practical ideas for using literature in the language classroom.
  • Designed specifically with the needs of the foreign language learner in mind: not a book about how to study literature, but on how to use it for language practice.
  • No previous knowledge of literature is needed either by the teacher or by the students.
  • A substantial number of new activities.
  • Main sections increased from four to seven.
  • Favourite older activities have new sample texts.