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Grammar Dictation e-book

Grammar Dictation e-book

Format: e-book (Kobo, Kindle, Apple devices,, Android, RM Books, OLF)

This very popular series gives teachers practical advice and guidance, together with resource ideas and materials for the classroom.

  • ISBN: 978-0-19-442607-7
  • Print Length (pages): 144

Grammar Dictation offers an innovative approach to the study of grammar in the language classroom - the 'grammar dictation' or 'dictogloss' procedure. A text is dictated at normal speed, after which students try and reconstruct their own version of the original text. The correction process then enables students to understand their errors and the language options available to them.

Key features

  • The activities enable students to improve their understanding and use of English grammar.


Note: A full contents list at the front of the book provides a complete list of the activities, together with the topic and the structural focus of each activity. The summary below aims to give a general idea of the book's organization.

The author and series editor
How to use this book

Section 1: pre-intermediate (20 activities)
20 dictogloss texts, ranging from elementary to post-elementary.

Section 2: intermediate (20 activities)
20 dictogloss texts, graded from low intermediate to upper intermediate.

Section 3: advanced (20 activities)
20 dictogloss texts, ranging from low advanced to very advanced.

Thematic index
Structural index
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