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Newspapers e-book

Newspapers e-book

Format: e-book (Kindle,, Kobo, Apple devices, Android, OLF, RM Books)

This very popular series gives teachers practical advice and guidance, together with resource ideas and materials for the classroom.

  • ISBN: 978-0-19-442611-4
  • Print Length (pages): 144

Practical, creative and original ideas show teachers how they can make effective use of English-language newspapers in the classroom.

Key features

  • The activities include ways of exploiting newspapers both for their language and their cultural content.
  • The majority of activities need little teacher preparation time.
  • A useful appendix provides a guide to the availability of English-language newspapers worldwide.


The author and series editor
How to use this book

1 Working creatively with newspapers
A short chapter inviting teachers to take stock of their existing knowledge and think about the kinds of new ideas that could be introduced into the classroom.

2 Building confidence and familiarity (30 activities)
Activities designed to make students feel that they can handle newspapers.

3 Working with texts (22 activities)
Text-based activities which require extensive, discriminating, authentic reading.

4 Working with pictures (15 activities)
Matching activities which treat texts and pictures as complementary and in a parallel relationship.

5 Project work (14 activities)
A range of ideas for project work, some requiring half a day's work, and others several days or even weeks.

6 Personal responses (19 activities)
Activities which bring together responses to newspaper materials and personal experiences, memories, and feelings.



  • 'A superb contribution to language teaching and learning.'
    - Modern Language Journal