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Resource Books for Teachers

This very popular series gives teachers practical advice and guidance, together with resource ideas and materials for the classroom.

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Advanced Learners cover
Advanced Learners


Addresses the needs of very advanced learners who wish to improve their proficie...

Classroom Dynamics cover
Classroom Dynamics


Explores the problems teachers have managing groups, and suggests various strate...

Conversation cover


Helps to develop students' ability to speak English fluently and confidently, es...

ISBN Title
978-0-19-442614-5 The Internet e-book
978-0-19-442649-7 Pronunciation e-book for Kindle
978-0-19-442650-3 Newspapers e-book for Kindle
978-0-19-442651-0 Beginners e-book for Kindle
978-0-19-442648-0 Learner-based Teaching e-book for Kindle
978-0-19-442609-1 Learner-based Teaching e-book
978-0-19-442611-4 Newspapers e-book
978-0-19-442610-7 Pronunciation e-book
978-0-19-442612-1 Beginners e-book
978-0-19-442647-3 Storybuilding e-book for Kindle
978-0-19-442646-6 Grammar Dictation e-book for Kindle
978-0-19-442644-2 Project Work Second Edition e-book for Kindle
978-0-19-442643-5 Classsroom Dynamics e-book for Kindle
978-0-19-442642-8 Cultural Awareness e-book for Kindle
978-0-19-442604-6 Classroom Dynamics e-book
978-0-19-442605-3 Project Work e-book
978-0-19-442608-4 Storybuilding e-book
978-0-19-442603-9 Cultural Awareness e-book
978-0-19-442607-7 Grammar Dictation e-book
978-0-19-442639-8 Drama and Improvisation e-book for Kindle
978-0-19-442321-2 Language Learner Strategies e-book for Kindle
978-0-19-442600-8 Drama and Improvisation e-book
978-0-19-442636-7 Music and Song e-book for Kindle
978-0-19-442597-1 Music and Song e-book
978-0-19-442637-4 Teaching Other Subjects Through English e-book for Kindle
978-0-19-442328-1 Literacy and Second Language Oracy e-book for Kindle
978-0-19-442598-8 Teaching Other Subjects Through English e-book
978-0-19-442579-7 Images
978-0-19-442194-2 Advanced Learners
978-0-19-442580-3 Drama and Improvisation
978-0-19-442575-9 English for Specific Purposes
978-0-19-442577-3 Teenagers
978-0-19-442576-6 Literature
978-0-19-442578-0 Teaching Other Subjects Through English (CLIL)
978-0-19-442193-5 Storybuilding
978-0-19-442192-8 Grammar
978-0-19-442190-4 Writing
978-0-19-437181-0 Global Issues
978-0-19-442186-7 Vocabulary
978-0-19-437225-1 Project Work, Second Edition
978-0-19-437231-2 Film
978-0-19-437223-7 The Internet
978-0-19-437216-9 Listening
978-0-19-437087-5 Pronunciation
978-0-19-437194-0 Cultural Awareness
978-0-19-437147-6 Classroom Dynamics
978-0-19-437163-6 Learner-based Teaching
978-0-19-437055-4 Music and Song
978-0-19-437004-2 Grammar Dictation
978-0-19-437096-7 Conversation