Techniques and Principles in Language Teaching e-book

Techniques and Principles in Language Teaching e-book

Format: e-book (Kindle,, Apple devices, Kobo, Android)

An updated edition of this popular introduction to language teaching methodology which describes different methods and approaches in language teaching.

  • ISBN: 978-0-19-434267-4
  • Print Length (pages): 272

Techniques and Principles in Language Teaching has influenced the way thousands of teachers have taught languages. This classic guide to developing the way you teach has been an essential resource to new and experienced teachers worldwide, and is now in its third edition.

Each chapter focuses on a different teaching approach, describing it being used in the classroom, analyzing what happened, and helping you think how you could apply it to your own teaching.

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  • NEW discussion on the political dimensions of language teaching
  • NEW digital technology chapter
  • NEW extended coverage of content-based and task-based approaches
  • NEW accompanying website with PDFs to download of the Contents, Glossary and Introduction pages from the Third Edition, and three videos of the authors.


  • 'Larsen-Freeman's style of presenting the material is easy to read and speaks directly to 'you'.
    - TESOL Journal
  • '...real strengths of the book are the new chapters on the use of emerging technology and the political dimensions of language teaching, both of which are becoming increasingly salient in current thinking about language teaching.'
    - Roger Barnard, Modern English Teacher


The accompanying website gives you access to videos of the authors, and PDFs of the Contents, Introduction and Glossary pages from the third edition.

The three videos show:

Diane Larsen-Freeman describing the need to consider a range of methods in language teaching, and how methods continue to evolve.

Marti Anderson describing her role in writing the third edition of Techniques and Principles in Language Teaching and the importance of reflecting on methodology.

Empowering the Language Learner - the full video of Diane Larsen-Freeman's presentation at the New School, New York, in February 2011