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Achieve Level 2

An American English course to prepare upper secondary students for their college entrance tests.

Second edition

With 50% new content and 100% new reading texts, Achieve 2nd edition offers a rich variety of challenging exam-oriented practice material for school leaving and college entrance exams.

  • Part of: Achieve
  • Language Level: Intermediate to Upper Intermediate

Achieve 2nd edition is a three-level American English course for upper secondary. It is designed principally to prepare students for their school leaving or college entrance exams. While providing thorough test preparation, Achieve 2nd edition also appeals to teenagers’ interests and gives them rounded language skills which will support them beyond the exam.

Achieve 2nd edition is a perfect fit for both teachers and students: perfect for teachers who prefer a traditional easy-to-use course, and perfect for older teenagers who are motivated by texts which chime with their interests and lifestyle. Achieve 2nd edition will help students achieve success – not just in their exams, but also in building up all-round language skills for life beyond school.

  • Student Book & Workbook
  • Skills Book (levels 1 and 2)
  • Teacher’s Book
  • Teacher’s Resource Center
  • iTools
  • Class Audio CDs

Key features

  • A strong focus on reading comprehension, vocabulary building, and grammar
  • 100% new reading texts reflect a range of text genres and topics which older teenagers encounter in their daily lives. Topics approached from a variety of different academic perspectives allow students to engage critically with the material
  • Get it right’ boxes encourage self-correcting, while ‘Focus on’ boxes highlight common mistake
  • Extra support and practice is available in the integrated Workbook and Language Reference pages
  • Level 3 consolidates and extends the language syllabus, with additional exam practice material
  • Optional Skills Books at levels 1 and 2 provide guided practice in writing, listening, and speaking, with fully integrated strategies to build students’ confidence
  • iTools digital resources encourage interactive learning and easy classroom management
  • Teacher’s Resource Center bank of worksheets and tests (click on Teacher’s Resource Center tab for more information)


Achieve 2nd edition provides thorough test preparation, without sacrificing interest or systematic review of students’ language. A variety of task types and learning strategies makes Achieve 2nd edition ideal preparation for school-leaving exams – while boosting students’ overall language level. Reading strategy boxes, for example, include tips on scanning, inferring, and interpreting, and the exercises that follow practice each strategy.

An optional Skills Book at levels 1 and 2 provides the flexibility to go beyond exam preparation, offering step-by-step practice in writing, listening and speaking. The Teacher's Resource Center provides worksheets and practice tests to further consolidate students' language and practice exam skills (click on the Teacher’s Resource Center tab for more information).

Achieve 2nd edition offers real appeal to older teenagers. Reading texts have been specially written for this age group and are new for the 2nd edition. In a magazine style, and covering a wide variety of academic disciplines and media, they are written from an angle that relates contemporary topics to teenagers’ lives. While reflecting the layout of university exams, they also help teachers to make lessons informative and engaging, and make reading more motivating than in many other upper secondary courses.

The course and unit structure is straightforward and requires minimal teacher preparation time. The progression sets out achievable goals and gives students a real sense of progress.

The ‘Focus on’ and ‘Get it right’ boxes encourage self-correction in areas such as false friends and phrasal verbs, while the integrated Workbook, plus 26 pages of reference material on grammar and vocabulary, help students to revise more effectively.

The design has been updated for the 2nd edition, and 50% new content offers a fresh look.

Teacher’s Resource Center

The Teacher’s Resource Center includes a bank of editable worksheets and tests at each level, including:
  • Reading worksheets with exam-style questions to help build reading comprehension skills
  • Grammar and Vocabulary worksheets
  • False Friends and Phrasal Verbs worksheets
  • Exam practice tests in a range of types, linked topically to each unit, and with exam-style questions. They are also available as A/B versions for parallel testing