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Aim High Level 1 Workbook with Online Practice

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Aim High Level 1 Workbook with Online Practice

Format: Mixed media format

Aim High develops students' knowledge of grammar, vocabulary and study skills encouraging learner autonomy and exam success.

  • ISBN: 978-0-19-445446-9

Aim High is a six-level course that develops language learning through carefully chosen vocabulary (including words from the Oxford 3000™), texts which are interesting, and essential study skills. The Classroom Presentation Tool brings easy-to-use digital features to the front of the classroom for heads-up lessons and the Online Practice (available at levels 1 – 5) provides extra homework activities that can be automatically marked and that teachers can track. Revision and self assessment sections help learners towards exam success and there is extensive testing material too.

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This pack includes:

  • Workbook (available now)
  • Online Practice (available August 2013)

Key features

  • Workbook: Helps students consolidate their learning through exercises and activities
  • Workbook: The vocabulary notebook allows students to keep a record of new words in a memorable way
  • Workbook: Self-check pages on grammar and vocabulary let students know how they are progressing
  • Online Practice: Allows you to assign extra homework to be done online, and track your students' progress
  • Online Practice: Includes over 180 activities, including video, speak and record practice and activities graded to different levels
  • Online Practice: Includes downloadable grammar reference and wordlist sheets
  • Online Practice: Extra tools for teachers include creating groups of students for differentiated instruction, and setting up online Discussions with topics based on the Student's Book
  • Online Practice: The access code for Online Practice is on a card with the Workbook


Use the Workbook with Online Practice to practise the work you cover in each unit.

Assign the Online Practice as homework and take advantage of the extra features to track students' progress, communicate and collaborate with students outside of class, and improve learning outcomes.

Speak and record practice gives students more opportunities to practice this important skill away from the classroom. Students can submit both their speaking and their writing tasks. You can then mark it and give students one-to-one feedback, which can be written or spoken.

With the automatically marked activities, students know immediately whether they have the right answers, and can learn from their mistakes.

The Online Gradebook keeps you right up to date with students' learning, making it easy to track and report on progress, and letting you quickly identify strengths and weaknesses.

This in turn helps with planning for mixed-ability classes, enabling you to create differentiated learning paths for groups of students.

The Reading and Listening activities have three levels of difficulty, making it easy to assign the right practice to different groups.

Use optional online tools such as the Discussions feature to give students more opportunities to practise informal and topical language, or just to keep in touch and answer students' questions.

The Online Practice access code comes on a special card with the Workbook with instructions for students.

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