English Plus A2 - B1 Levels 3 and 4 DVD

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English Plus A2 - B1 Levels 3 and 4 DVD

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Second Edition

Format: DVD-ROM

The English Plus DVD brings real world language into the classroom. Four different varieties of video will motivate your students and provide them with models for expressing their own opinions and ideas.

  • ISBN: 978-0-19-420200-8

With four different varieties of video content, creating dynamic, multi-media rich lessons is simple. Vox pops contextualize the opening vocabulary in each unit and model key phrases. Speaking dialogues then present functional language in the Speaking lessons. Grammar animations consolidate the main grammar points and make them memorable and fun. Finally, documentaries extend the Options pages at the back of the Student's Book and bring other countries and cultures into the classroom.

All this comes with additional teacher resources, including: a guide to using videos in the classroom, worksheets and teaching notes for each of the documentaries, optional subtitles in English, and editable audio scripts.

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Key features

  • Vox pops videos for all the core units in the Student's Book
  • Functional videos for all the core units in the Student's Book
  • Grammar animations for all the core language focus lessons in the Student's Book
  • Culture documentaries which expand the topics covered in the Culture pages in the Student's Book
  • Cross-curricular documentaries which explore the Curriculum extra topics covered in the Student's Book
  • Optional subtitles in English
  • Worksheets containing comprehension and speaking activities, along with teaching notes and answers for each of the culture and cross-curricular documentaries