English Zone 2

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English Zone 2

Key features

  • Great storylines with lively dialogues.
  • Simple, clear grammar presentations and lots of practice.
  • Interesting Culture sections and student projects.
  • Songs, games, and puzzles.
  • Regular recycling.
  • Special guide for teachers of dyslexic students.


English Zone makes learning English simple. It uses a step-by-step approach to help students build a clear knowledge of grammar and a solid vocabulary base, then activates students' knowledge through skills work and functional dialogues.

For English Zone 2 (2)

Student's Book


An easy-to-teach course for pupils aged 10-14.

Workbook with CD-ROM Pack


An easy-to-teach course for pupils aged 10-14.

ISBN Title
978-0-19-461807-6 English Zone 2 Student's Book
978-0-19-461813-7 English Zone 2 Workbook with CD-ROM Pack