Got it! Level 2 Student Book B and Workbook with CD-ROM

Got it! Level 2 Student Book B and Workbook with CD-ROM

A four-level American English course for teenage learners

Format: Mixed media format
  • ISBN: 978-0-19-446245-7

Through a comprehensive and innovative range of resources, Got it! uses hands-on language presentations to help students discover language intuitively and try out new structures. Through personalization and dialogue they explore meaning in a framework of issues which engage them. Competence in individual skills and awareness of progress and success are encouraged throughout.

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This pack includes:

  • Student's Book and Workbook B
  • Student's CD-ROM

Key features

  • A Welcome unit checks that all students are starting the course with the same level of English.
  • Regular review sections for grammar and vocabulary provide consolidation and assessment.
  • Culture Club lessons introduce students to the English-speaking world, especially the U.S.
  • Carefully chosen topics engage students with a broad range of issues, including citizenship and values.
  • Workbook pages with detailed grammar notes and wordlists give support and additional practice for language reinforcement.
  • The CD-ROM encourages self-study, with interactive activities and extra listening material, plus free access to an interactive online KET practice test for schools.


Got it! is a course which is comprehensive and innovative in its range of resources, but also offers support and flexibility for the teacher. How does it achieve this?

By presenting grammar through dialogues or texts and following up with more detailed analysis, students are able to check their understanding of meaning and context. They are encouraged to try out new structures and are given opportunities to explore the meaning and usage of new language before it is presented and practised more formally. This allows them to discover the language intuitively for themselves and this sense of achievement helps to motivate them.

With a strong emphasis on dialogue work and personalization, students are able to understand how the language can work for them. Targeted skills lessons develop this and build their competence further.

The outstanding range of components means that every lesson can be varied and exciting. Whether you prefer using print or digital, or a combination of the two, all the resources are at your fingertips - giving you maximum support and flexibility.

The Online Skills Practice in Got it! Plus, offers a whole variety of resources which are easy to administer with the Learning Management System. Teachers are able to guide the learning experience whilst, at the same time, students receive encouragement through the instant feedback.

Maintaining motivation is always a challenge with teenagers, so the topics for each unit have been carefully chosen to help them become culturally aware. In addition, the broad range of issues covered develops their understanding of values.

Achieving success is the best way to keep students enthusiastic about their learning so there are regular opportunities for them to check their progress against the Common European Framework of Reference.